Bring the Right Ship FOOL!

Every alliance has these guys, most corps have their own.  It’s the “Guy in the Wrong Ship.”  Every night he can be counted on to show up in something completely unsuitable for the task at hand.  Drake gang for a gate fight?  Myrmidon.  Nano gang?  Enyo.  Armor tanked BS?  Oh NOW he found his drake.

These guys often don’t stay around long, unless they are someone’s friend/brother/son/girlfriend or have some out-of-game connection to leadership members.  No one ever seems to put them in their place.  Today as a PSA, I will do so.  That’s right, CEOs, Directors, Alliance Leaders, if your idiots keep fucking up your fleet comps and getting you blown up link them this post.  FCs if your leadership isn’t backing you… do the same.

Bringing the wrong ship is subtraction by addition.  The FC shouldn’t have to worry about “Ok I’ve got 37 in fleet, but 5 are in shitfits and 3 aren’t even in the right CLASS of ship so really I have 29.”  When he sees two squads full of DPS he should know that they are all bringing the expected amount of pain.  Otherwise he will engage fleets where he has no chance of killing something.  By the way I am going to hope and pray that the enemy FC magically called all our failfits and everyone else was perfect because if there was more than that I am just gonna cry.  Now other mistakes were made, but if we’d had people who brought the asked for ships, or fitted them right, we would have scored a kill or two before being forced from the field.  As it was we were weighed down by the “me too!” crowd in failfits and general crap.  I found myself wondering “Why don’t they bring the right ship?” and because the only way I can have an intelligent conversation most days is to talk to myself, I came up with the answer.

Too lazy.  We have forums.  These fits were available on them for a couple weeks.  Before then they were put out in evemails and on corp fittings by CEOs.  If people wanted to avail themselves of the fruits of other people’s efforts, they could have.  They didn’t.  The most common reason I hear for not being on forums is “It’s too much work!”  then you ask the guy why he doesn’t have ships for a CTA or a roam and he says “I don’t have time for that I have to make isk for the ships I have to replace” or “Sure let me know and I’ll build one and jita and bring it to the fleet you are launching in 2 minutes.  You’ll wait for me right?”

Too dumb.  Not realizing that it’s more work to replace your ship every time you fly than it would be to take 5 minutes to look it up in the first place.  Not smart enough to realize that even in a fleet of hundreds, people need to do the right thing, at the right time, with the right ship to win the battle.

Too greedy.  “I DO WHAT I WANT!  YOU AIN’T THE BOSS OF ME!”  Nope.  I’m not.  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  If you are so brilliant that you can solo pvp anyone, hey more power to you, enjoy the game.  Don’t disrupt your so-called friends operations with your attitude.  Don’t expect them to appreciate your input either.

The saboteur.  In general I subscribe to the “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” theory of operations, but this is EvE.  There is a chance that the guy fucking up your fleet is a spy, or thinks it’s funny.

So if you are ignoring the advice and directives of your leadership.  Knock it off.  Be in the right ships, in the right place, before the fleet forms.  Not the wrong ships, 8 jumps out, 20 minutes late.  Who knows you might win a fight or two.

I'm using it every time I can


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