One Down. Important One Still Lurking

So I’ve written in the past that CCP has to make mining fun, and make mining matter.  Between getting rid of meta-0 mods dropping from anything and changing drones from dropping minerals to just giving you bounties, mining is about to matter BIG time.  It will go from being a distant third in producing minerals to being first with a bullet.  Right now my boring mining spreadsheet shows me that even with bad hulk skills a pilot can clear 10 million an hour pretty easily.  With good skills you are looking at nearly a 50% increase.  So before the change has even happened, while industrialists still have stockpiles and reserves of minerals and the faucets are still flowing mining has gotten significantly more profitable than at any time in the last few years.

Speculators are probably tying up a lot of the minerals still in the faucets, and certainly they are affecting the market, but still nearly 2/3 of the source of some minerals is about to disappear.  That will cause the price of some minerals to absolutely skyrocket.  All minerals will see upward pressure on their prices.  There’s just one problem.

Mining is BORING.  My GOD is it awful.  There’s a reason it’s so heavily botted that Nosy Gamer managed to basically found his blog on tears from busted mining bloggers.  (By the way keep them coming it is HILARIOUS) I am actually mining in a hulk on an alt right now.  Glancing back and forth between sentences watching my overview which is set to show ships only.  I’m 3/4 speed aligned to a safe at one end of the grid, when I get near the end of mining range I swing it around and align to a different safe.  Thank god for inties to make safes.

Mining has to be fun.  Even with the changes to the minerals market I doubt it will be as profitable as other pastimes in EvE.  Nor is it particularly safe, as gankers love to beat the hell out of miners.  I know I do.  But it still amounts to making a bunch of warpin points, going to one of them, hitting your scanner, picking your rocks, starting your lasers and finding something to do that won’t keep you from hitting D-scan every 10 seconds or so.  And that’s in empire.  Yeah some of the nullsec ABC ores are 28 million + an hour… but in null or ESPECIALLY in a wormhole you have to pay a little bit more attention to what you are doing.

The current model is just godawful.  It makes mining a chore, although if you have a group it can be a bit more fun.  One guy can be on watch, the rest paying some attention and mulching rocks.  Still the gameplay aspect is just bad.  So repetitive as to feel passive, while still placing substantial assets at risk.

Bottom line:  Mining is already more profitable than it has been in a long time.  It still isn’t fun.  That needs to happen.  Period.

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. Hmm, the only thing that can make mining fun is if they introduced gambling into it between the miners and the rocks. So instead of steady stream of minerals you either hit jackpot or you lose whatever the asteroid has. Something along a casino slot machine. Think about how much time people spend gambling in a casino doing the the same repetitive task and apply that to mining.

  2. Corp operations, and just a plain out good fun corp will make all the difference imho. Mining is in no way inherently fun, so… kinda gots to make your fun where you can find it really.

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