First off if you are hoping that this will be a post against griefing, ganking, scamming or in-game mayhem you are kidding yourself. First take a quick gander at this:

CLEVELAND — Ubaldo Jimenez will serve his time, but the pitcher’s upcoming suspension will not affect the Indians’ starting rotation. Following Cleveland’s 7-4 loss to the Blue Jays in 12 innings on Saturday, Jimenez said he will drop his appeal of a five-game suspension recently handed down by Major League Baseball. Jimenez was also hit with a undisclosed fine for hitting Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki last Sunday in a Spring Training game.

Here we have a guy basically admitting he abused the rules of the game.  His punishment is a fine (laughable for an MLB pitcher) and a suspension that will in no way affect his playing time.  This is a little off. There are two crimes in EvE.  Those against pilots and those against players.  Crimes against pilots are pretty meaningless.  They are handled entirely “in-game” loss of sec status for things that are against CONCORD rules.  Laughs and tears for things that aren’t against rules, just anti-social.  The punishments are usually slaps on the wrist. Crimes against pilots should be handled differently.  The EULA/TOS are pretty straightforward as those things go, and while the GMs are pretty uneven punishments are usually predictable.  The question is how effective are they.  The blogs and videos on RMT and Botting have been very clear with regard to what will happen to people botting.  Fines, Bans, Account locks, Scarlet Letters.  Let’s take a look at these things.

  1. Fines:  On average grinding isk takes around 60 million an hour.  Alternately you can buy plex at around 17.50 / 500 mill obviously the isk/hour can vary to a ridiculous extent, so this method may or may not be effective depending on the pilot.
  2. Bans:  Good as a last resort.  Short bans are rather ineffective 14 or 30 days are… well… if you are serious enough about this game that you do something to incur a ban maybe you need to step back anyway.  Permabans tend to be rather more effective.
  3. Account Locks:  These are pretty interesting actually.  Tying down a character to an account can really hurt people given the secondary market for characters and the fact that even illegally moving your whole account to a purchaser won’t hide the fact that he’s been locked, given the Scarlet Letter
  4. Scarlet Letter:  This has no actual effect in game.  However it has utterly profound implications for the pilot and his corp/alliance.  These things will be MAGNETS for griefers.  Good luck with convincing people you’ve changed your ways.  I know I won’t be touching people with a letter.  I had a guy that bought isk WAY back in the day.  Hearing him whine wasn’t worth the boost of having another guy, even if he’ll never miss an op for want of isk.

So we have 2 effective punishments, one that might be and one that only is under certain circumstances.  Due to the fact that players play the game differently, having one punishment that will work for everyone isn’t very likely, however I want to suggest 2 things could be used to hit people harder.

  1. Fines as a portion of isk earned / month.  Hits people a lot more evenly.  A nooblet that loses a billion isk will probably just quit.  Someone like Mittani losing 10 billion will shrug.
  2. SP lost.  Not sure how much I like this, then again I’ve been hit with a 3 day ban precisely once keep your nose clean and you wont get it.  This would hit a lot harder than a 14 day ban.  A LOT.  30 days that you have to pay for with no skill training… ok that hurts, 14 just doesn’t strike me as a productive ban.  For lots of people that’s <5 sessions.

What about Major Kong?


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