Greyscale Must Go

Ripard Teg noted this post on the EvE forums.  I’ll quote about the same stuff he did, with my own comment.

This sort of gameplay is emergent and cool and interesting and something we very much enjoy seeing players discover, but it also sits in a particular kind of design grey-area where it’s not really something we want to be seeing (for reasons I’ll describe in a second), but something that’s benign enough that we’re not actually going to take action to nerf it just because of that, but also nevertheless something that we’re not going to explicitly exempt from larger changes if they happen to impact it.

The reason we don’t really like this sort of thing is that pre-fight fitting decisions are supposed to be one of the fundamental decisions of EVE combat. Most MMOs let you change your weapons and armor more-or-less on the fly. We don’t, and there are clear and long-standing design principles behind that. SMAs let you make that decision *closer* to the fight, but they’re not there to let you change your fitting *in* the fight. Yes, we need more interesting decisions that players can make during combat, that’s one of the fundamental problems with our combat model right now IMO, and yes, removing this option will take some interesting decisions out of combat, and that makes us sad.

To which I responded:

So tactics that give smaller fleets a chance against blobs and supercaps are going away. Got it.

Seriously, I get having pre-fight fitting decisions being important. LOADING MODS FOR ADDITIONAL FITTINGS IN YOUR CARRIER IS A PRE-FIGHT FITTING DECISION. What’s more important is it is a decision that allows an outnumbered fleet to bring more to a fight than it could otherwise. R&K has (very publicly) shows how they used it to tank supers with standard caps. This change doesn’t do much to nerf titans. From what I’ve been told, nearly any situation where a titan gets pinned on the field it’s either going to die or it isn’t and the fit don’t matter at that point. If you DO want to use this to nerf titans… fine. Titans can only refit at a POS or from a supercarrier. Don’t nerf subcaps. That’s a ridiculous solution to problems caused by supers.

At this point let me go to stuff that would be unwise to say on the EvE forums.  Greyscale is a complete moron who it seems has never logged into EvE.  His ideas on the crime system were absolutely terrible and this is piling stupid on top of stupid.  He’s also responsible for certificates, which are of dubious value beyond a very few, alchemy, which has of course completely fixed the problem of some moon goo being too rare, the learning skill changes, which I actually liked, anomaly changes… ohhhh my.  Jump bridge and Fuel block changes.  Now the right decision was made when it comes to fuel blocks.  However it took a LOT of time to convince him to make changes to let faction towers keep their existing bonus.  He’s also responsible for all the fun with removing the mines, again, which he fixed.

He does pretty well with a lot of things, but there’s a difference between doing well some of the time, and being good for the game.  Greyscale has time and again come up with absolutely terrible ideas, which he clearly refuses to run by the CSM.  No one who has ever enjoyed non-wardec hisec pvp could possible think most of crimewatch was a good idea.  There’s still no incentive to fight a wardec under the new system the current model of “wait a week and see if it goes away” will change to “wait a week and it WILL go away” with the possibility of some idiot hiring mercs rather than skipping a week.  The logi changes are good, but any idiot could read the forums and see that those changes were necessary.

And that’s the real problem.  All Greyscale has done with his good initiatives is read the forums.  CCP has people who read the forums and bring them good ideas.  The CSM.  Greyscale’s original ideas stink on ice, he’s like a bad amateur magician who pulls back the cloth and constantly disappoints when the rabbit has changed into… a rabbit.  He’s been there for 5 years.  He brings nothing to the table beyond literacy and his place in the driver’s seat is not only undeserved but damaging to the game.

Get the bum out.

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. Glad someone else is saying it. I was going to write something similar this week. Greyscale is the king of fucking bad ideas. The horrible thing is that he’s always completely surprised.

    So, he never communicates with the CSM? Fucking, Hilmar should force him too.

  2. Also, on behalf of The Littlest Hobos, whom refer to ourselves coloquially as “bums”, we reserve the right to future resentment of association with said Greyscale person, who gives the word “bum” a generically bad repumatation, and whom cannot even spell “gray” correctly.


  3. WTF are you talking about?

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