Mittens… I Hate You

This guy has the most schizophrenic leadership style I can imagine.  He abases himself one day and accepts his lumps with quiet nobility, then makes a speech whining about being thrown under the bus, then I see this:

This is an actual, earnest effort, that should produce measurable results.  If it does I will applaud it as I think that making the game more female-friendly is one of the most important thing that CCP can do.  I’m not going to try to read into Mittens motives.  It gives me a headache.  If he makes the game less moronic and more supportive to a broader, more balanced community, I’m all in favor.

Goons have earned themselves a terrible reputation with juvenile antics that offend many in the community, including those of us who take ourselves too seriously.  An action to clean house should resonate in a far better manner than shitting up local, asshattery on comms, and shitposting.  Good luck!

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. It is like mittens is not actually a goon, he just plays one on the alliance panel.

  2. Really? A “Cultural Revolution.” What, Goons are dying in the fields after failed efforts to collectivize agriculture have instead produced one of the most destructive famines in human history? People are being shot in the back of the fucking head for being counter-revolutionaries? I can’t wait to see the CFC “Final Solution” regarding the “Pubbie question.”

    They are waging a war on jackassery while simultaneously trivializing the crimes of one of the worst dictators in human history.

  3. Bear in mind that Goonswarm leadership is a lot more than just Mittens. He provides strategic oversight or whatever you want to call it, but there are a lot of other people in there making decisions and actually doing stuff without him ever being directly involved.

  4. Given the Goon predilection for expert trolling, do you really take this seriously?
    He’s either mocking you directly (very subtly, but still directly), or the “Average Joe Gamer”.

    Rule #1 in interpreting Mittens is remember that Mittens is better than everyone else. He cannot see “normal” from his holy high horse, and therefore if something he says or does lacks “obvious condescent is obvious”, then it’s subtle condescent is subtle. 😉

    • If he is then he hands CCP ammunition to deny his future CSM bids.

      • How? It’s not breaking the EULA/TOS by any stretch, in fact, taken at “face value” which, of course he’ll insist is what it’s meant to be taken as, well he’s supporting women gamers, encouraging warm, fuzzy feelings, etc, etc…
        So how’s that going to deny him a CSM seat?

        I wonder if there’ll even be a CSM8… or will they vote themselves emergency powers and disband the Senate until wee’sun alllllll be safesy from da ebil piwates of the Goon Separatists. 😉 lol

      • No, but it shows that his apology wasn’t made in good faith and his word cannot be trusted in any forum. He is already excluded, he needs to give CCP ammunition to bring him back. If he’s trolling with this, and hurting CCPs efforts to bring women in do you think any CCP person is going to try to argue he should come back?

      • “No, but it shows that his apology wasn’t made in good faith and his word cannot be trusted in any forum.”
        lol — You know, I’ve never actually thought someone would say “words don’t suffice, draw me a picture”, but, ya kinda sorta did there. 😉

        It’s MITTENS for chrissakes. OF COURSE his word can’t be trusted, and OF COURSE his “apology” was insincere. That…actually requires explaining or conscious thought??? lol Sorry, bro, but…just no?

  5. His efforts seem to be Working As Intended.

  6. I have no doubt that this campaign is in earnest, though it is probably both more and less than you expect. Among the good side effects will be putting a lid on the drooling idiot contingent when it is revealed that there is actually a female on coms.

    That said, the other targets of the campaign seem rather trivial in comparison, those being 4chan links, o7m8, and calling out “lemmings” when somebody accidently jumps through a red gate. Conspicuously missing are any mention of anti-Semitism, racism, or of Dabigredboats constant references to other people’s mothers.

    And, of course, this is directed at cleaning up fleet coms and other internal means of communication. Shitting up local will remain a standard operating procedure, though that depends largely on the FC.

    • Set attainable goals. Meet them. Move on to the next set.

      • Of course, one wonders if even these minor goals are attainable.

        Certainly some of TEST seems to be taking the effort as a challenge to the rights to be lame on fleet coms. Of course, one of the first forum comments I saw about the cultural revolution was the suggestion that this was a not-so-subtle way to reset TEST.

      • Meanwhile goonswarm has added 40 people in the last week. Way to cut down the dumbassery.

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