The Great Vanguard Nerf

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After collecting a lot of valuable feedback from you guys, we decided to give the spawns more variety, without significantly altering the difficulty of any one spawn.  This was done by grouping the NPCs into waves, and moving the trigger to spawn the next wave from an individual NPC to the group as a whole. This will mean that you now need to kill the whole wave to trigger the next one, rather than just specific NPCs.


Feedback and our internal statistics also confirmed that Vanguard sites had an excessive reward-to-effort-ratio in comparison to other Incursion sites, so we have reduced their reward by 10% to keep them more in line with the compensation expected for this difficulty of site.

Emphasis mine.  Or to put it another way:

This is a body blow to the shiny blitzer fleets, as they now need to be able to kill every last Reynyn (or however it’s spelled) to get spawns.  All those Maras at 80 klicks?  Gotta go son!  I expect that this will cause a lot of fleets to form for HQs or Assault sites now, as Vanguards will take much longer and be less predictable.

Oh and expect prices to continue to rise as drone region botters now generate isk instead of ore, meaning build prices go up due to restricted supply and isk continues to flow into the economy even without as big an incursion faucet.  Oh and remember that Meta-0 mods are no longer dropping meaning virtually all isk has to come from miners.  This is going to do some damage to the economy.  Battleships are already up roughly 70% over the last year, some have more than doubled.  This wasn’t a huge problem when there was isk to pay for it.  Now the isk faucest are adjusting, mostly down for highsec folks and up for nullsec, while prices will continue to go up. Most likely quite a bit.

CCP has always stated they wanted more people in null to drive conflict.  I think they are about to get it with a vengeance.  And no I’m not talking about the crappy AF I’ve got in Penirgman.

Paging Dr. Eyjo.  The economy is looking a bit sick.  Now if you will excuse me I’m going to gank hulks for a month… while I train all my alts for hulks.

I'm using it every time I can



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  1. It’s going to be a big change, and things will be more expensive. Whether it will ‘damage’ the economy remains to be seen. There was a time when a battleship was a pretty big investment, whereas these days it’s something that a newbie can afford within the first couple of months. Moving that back the other way a little might not be such a bad thing.

  2. “Now if you will excuse me I’m going to gank hulks for a month… while I train all my alts for hulks.”

    I lol’d: it’s sad but true.

    Now, combine all this bad news with the potential of datacores (needed to research T1 BPCs to T2) may be going strictly to FW as an LP store item… T2 production will fall, expenses will rise (cause you know the 5 guys in FW who actually know what a datacore is and what it’s used for are gonna charge out the ASS for em), so increasing production cost + decreasing supply over same/greater demand…. yeah. Get your T2 ships and mods now and hoard em up, cause if that change goes thru, an interceptor will cost as much if not more than a BC. 😉

  3. I say it’s good. Also, the wave completion is on ALL sites, not just Vanguards, vanguards are just the only ones getting the isk-nerf bat (well deserved) More money SHOULD be made in nullsec. Reward should scale with risk.

  4. Any economy is going to have it’s ebbs and flows. Right now, it is a sellers’ market.

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