EvE Online: Heroes

I’m gonna talk about some things I want to see in the Winter Expansion.  Something to celebrate the people who have made EvE a better place to play.  People who simply do not get the credit or recognition they should for what they have brought to the game.

Chribba class frigate – The Amarr Tech 3 frigate.  The most famous denizen of the Amarr system is actually a Sebiestor.  The things you learn.  Evocing the powerful lines of the revelation on a more diminutive scale, the Chribba is known for toughness, as well as being the only frigate in the game to easily fit 4 mining lasers.

Mynxee class frigate – The Minmatar Tech 3 frigate.  A balanced design, that goes from near the potency of a Freki to a stealth design that carries the pop of a rifter and twice the toughness.  The more graceful tech 3 Minmitar lines give this ship a potent look.

Wollori class frigate – The Caldari Tech 3 design.  A graceful ship, reminiscent of a Heron perched on the surface of a lake this (vertical) design fits EvE’s famous cartographer by comfortably being able to fit nearly every probe and analyzer module simultaneously.

Kinux class frigate – The Gallente Tech 3 Named after the founder of the EvE Blog pack, and one of the key figures in bringing credibility to blogging long before the ascendancy of the modern generation of bloggers this Gallente boat bring all the drone and blaster goodness one would expect, along with the smooth organic lines of advanced Gallente ships.

Of the 4 players I’ve picked 2 no longer play the game.  There are other names I was thinking of.  Kirith Kodachi and Ombey for example, and there are certainly dozens I overlooked while I wrote this blog.

This expansion would focus on the people who make EvE interesting without breaking hearts and spines.  In my dream-world I’d see 4 trailers.  Each one with a dramatic reveal of the tech 3 ships in various configurations with a voiceover done by the person memorialized by the ship.  They read the in-game description of the ship, then fade to an interview where they talk about their contribution, and what drove them to make their contributions.

From what I’ve gathered neither Mynxee nor Kinux has any real intention of playing again.  Mynxee has godawful internet issues as well as a fair bit of well-earned burnout, Kinux might come back, although the only toon I remember seeing seems to have been biomassed; and of course his job with another developer might present a conflict of interests in promoting EvE with him.

If CCP wants to put a good face on EvE, let them put good FACES up for EvE.  Commemorate those whose contributions outweigh the rest of us.

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. The Belt Police “Official” Federation Navy Comet: Just like the current Comet, but with the original skin put back on, blue light and all.

  2. The sentiment is meritorious, but I suspect that the idea is unworkable in practice. There are many individuals who have made a mark on EVE, and many of those individuals have been forgotten, if they were remembered at all for any length of time. There is no good way to select which players “deserve” to have ships and stations named after them, and which do not. Mynxee certainly contributed greatly to EVE, but why does she deserve to have a ship named after her, but other past and current CSM members do not? Should there be a ship named after the Mittani? Do most EVE players even read EVE blogs? As soon as you try to memorialize certain players through game mechanics, others will raise their own heroes and ask why they are not deserving of similar honors.

    In general, it is not up to CCP to choose which players are immortalized, and which are forgotten. If you want to do something to memorialize a particular player, organize an event, or something similar. It will have more meaning, and will be much less likely to degenerate into a threadnaught on CCP favoritism and other such silliness.

    To reiterate for potential trolls who have to be spoon-fed information in tweet-sized bits: I am not saying any of the people Corelin mentioned are not deserving of having ships named after them. I am saying that there are better ways of honoring their contributions.

    • My point is we need to be talking about heroes. Whoever we name the ships after is what it is. The important thing is to get some people out there who aren’t fraught with negative associations. Chribba is about as non-controversial as you can get, he has devoted a lot of time to making EvE better for everyone. Likewise with Wollari (or Ombey)

      And the idea here is for CCP as a company to send a message recognizing players. To show as a business entity the kind of players they support and encourage for their positive contributions. Picking Mynxee over The Mittani is a slam-dunk in this regard. The Mittani has made enormous contributions to EvE but he has hurt as many players as he’s helped, and he’s hurt the community at large at times. There may come a time to recognize him, and the other people whose contributions have been more… ambiguous (Paul Clavet and Aiden Mourn I’m looking at you here) but this is a time for people who have made a stand by helping people.

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