Production Without Tools

Recently I re-entered the T2 production food chain.  It is wonderful having a friend with a fully set up POS with all the trimmings.

Right now any industrial process is a click fest.  There’s no “Remember these settings” button or “lock” button for certain fields.  Copying always defaults to “1 run, 1 copy” which isn’t really suitable to T2 module production.  Additionally it will show all kinds of research locations that will throw errors if I try to use them.  This results in every single job I want to do being an utter click fest.

CCP, Let us lock certain job settings for BPOs.  If I create a copy job for a BPO I just copied from, pop up the same settings.  Oh and if it’s in a POS array, select the array it’s in and don’t show me all the others it isn’t actually in.  That just bugs the crap out of me, especially if I’ve forgotten which one it’s actually in because I’m an idjit.

Still this is a pretty easy hill to climb.  Now I take the copies, go to invention.  Same problems.  Settings aren’t saved, particularly the basic item and decryptor (which I don’t use much for modules) as well as the location.  Fine I can click through all of these.  30 or 40 times a day.  More as I add more characters to the chain.

Seriously.  It’s a click fest.  The only upgrade I’ve ever seen has been the “refresh” button, which doesn’t work as frequently fields won’t populate correctly forcing me to use different arrays.  Again all this would be fine, but to produce around 100 of whatever it is I’m building I end up having to make around 20-25 BPCs, invent from them to get 10 T2 BPCs, and then go through the manufacturing process, which I do in a station making it somewhat simpler.  Now I’m making an item that is pretty common, shows up in a lot of fits, and 100 is a drop in the bucket, but if I take it to 200 or 300 I might start diluting the market.  Imagine doing something popular, 1400mm cannon, Mega Pulse lasers.  Things like that where your desired volume can be a LOT higher.  If you wanted to make more that’s a LOT more clicks.  That could drive a man further into madness.  Maybe even enough for people to notice the crazy.

CCP needs to improve the interface.  As awkward as the ship interface can be, it’s workable and there’s no need for it to scale.  The Industrialist UI needs to scale.  It needs to handle batch jobs, I should be able to select 5 BPCs, select a POS array that has room for all 5 and all the mats and select the settings in 1 go.  When I’m manufacturing I should be able to do the same for 10 in the station (or 11 for people that trained it all the way.)  These things shouldn’t be “Rocket Surgery” level fixes, even with CCPs problems with older “legacy” code being poorly documented.  Even if they are they need to happen.  Not this expansion, it’s getting Carebeary enough.  But it needs to be on the menu.

I'm using it every time I can


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