Twenty-Four Hours.  The New Eden Day.  For too long we have been enslaved by the clock of a planet we don’t even remember.  For too long our cycles, our schedules, our lives have been determined by schedules that have nothing to do with anything in the galaxy we share.  Jump clones re-populate.  Sites recycle at the same time in the day.

Twenty Hours.  The “New” New Eden Day.  Downtime at 0000 to 0015.  The clock runs to 2000 (maybe 2400 to allow people to set timers once.  Maybe not if I decide I hate people who have to set timers.)  No longer does 1 timezone miss any time.  No longer do sites spawn for one particular folk.  No longer are downtime sprints through space relegated to one time.  This change may or may not be actually necessary.  CCP has stated in the past a desire to do away with downtime completely.  I support this but I’m not sure it is possible.  As such we should reduce the EvE Online clock to 20 hours.  This gives us a balance of rage and a balance of opportunity.  Rage for losing time, for awkward timers and interrupted fights.  Opportunity because the once-a-day sites won’t all be spawned at a terrible time for US TZ, and will be balanced between time zones.  Oh and anything else tied to a 24 hour timer?  20 hours.  Skill queue might be a pain, but Jump Clones…. OHHHHHHHH yeah.  Now you get to jump clone at the end of one play session, and maybe at the START of your next.  Non 24 hour timers wouldn’t be affected, or ones you set a timer for, POS/POCO, as long as you remembered to set them with some care

Idea shamelessly stolen from TAGN.

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. This solution seems like a bandaid to timer problems. I think the real solution is to address timer problems on a case-by-case basis. I can’t think of a reason, for example, that sites re-spawn at regular intervals; why not allow them to respawn randomly? POS timers are keyed to the amount of stront in the fuel bay and the size of the fuel bay itself. That timer can be fixed by adjusting the size of the fuel bay (or simply not loading the bay to capacity). Downtime is consistent and favors U.S. timezones, but I think that timer has more to do with icelandic work schedules than game code. (Also, its only 15 minutes or so). A twenty-hour game clock seems like more of a hassle than a solution.

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