But Don’t Worry

Apparently no one noticed I didn’t talk about this years’ Hulkageddon event being a failure. In fact I anticipate it to be the biggest success yet. But this kind of event is getting harder and harder to run and organize. Gankers have to constantly adapt to a tighter and tighter window of opportunity. We do it. Our tools and our tactics constantly adapt. Hell we even hand out help to the miners who DO pay attention. Look at THIS



By and large these are people who are going to show up as griefers for the next month. They are helping the griefed. You will noticed I throw in my .02 isk with poetic stan.  Any miner who googles “When is Hulkageddon V” will find out what is going on.  Finding the best fits for tanking isn’t quite as easy, but gankers aren’t looking for hulks with tanks.  They are looking for people without tanks.  Most will have their scout “Look at” the target.  Shield resist effects?  PASS.  Because there’s always someone else.

What I’m complaining about here, in short, is that there are hundreds and hundreds of people who are paying 0 attention to the game they play, who will be half afk (or completely out of it) in a belt, not moving, and will be shocked to find out there are people going to kill them. Then they race to the forums where the gentler, kinder Devs reward non-emergent gameplay with carebearish rule changes. Heck there’s a litany of them on mylootyourtears.com if you can handle the issues they are having with their format.

My point was, and still is, that CCP is removing emergent gameplay.  They are curtailing the options players have.  They are reducing gankers options to tighter and more optimized fittings, which forces people into a very efficient methodology, and when the recipients of those tactics lose their ships, they don’t respond “Well how can I make sure I don’t lose my ship like that again” they go “CCP MAEK THE BAD MEN GO AWAY” and CCP goes HTFU CCP falls all over themselves to make sure the Carebears, generating no content of their own, contributing nothing to the narrative, improving practically no one’s experience but their own gets their way.  They remove adversity with the power of their whines.

Meanwhile Carebears who do innovate, who do improve their tactics, who pay attention and find ways to succeed in the face of adversity get no credit.  The folk who harden up, team up, head to wormholes, to nullsec, to wherever it is their hard work and efforts lead them to believe they can profit the most; they get more competition.  They get more people chipping away at their margins because now the market doesn’t discriminate against stupidity.  It encourages weak players to continue by not punishing their foolishness.

But don’t worry about that.  Don’t worry about the constant stream of bad ideas from Greyscale, or his growing influence.  Don’t worry about the negative affects on YOUR game that people who treat it like a single player 4X game have when CCP listens to their whines.  Don’t worry about the loss of revenue from more competition and fewer sales especially for those of you building Hulks (864 Exhumers in last years Hulkageddon) Retreivers (676 Mining Barges), BCs or Dessies (I don’t want to think about it.)  Just act smug and talk about my tears.  It’s easier that way.  Maybe CCP will buy all those hulks you built that no one can gank anymore.

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. Maybe I’m too young to know the full history here, but what exactly has CCP done to protect the highsec carebears? Are you talking about nano ships warping around to avoid CONCORD? Using wormholes to leave system? Letting jump freighters dock when they are tripled webbed?

    I haven’t heard a single word from CCP about their opinion on Hulkageddon. Could you point me to some official response?

    From what I can see, CCP seems to be making suicide ganking easier with the introduction of Tornadoes and the destroyer buff.

    • CONCORD response times going down. Not allowing anyone with GCC to warp as long as they are flagged, not allowing someone with ANY flags to board an Orca. CONCORD buffs in general.

      CCP actually has offered public support for player driven events, Hulkageddon included. I don’t worry about talk. I worry about actions, and all of the examples you used? Ruled exploits and now bannable offenses where they are even possible. Those are actions. Better than words.

  2. Now’s a GREAT time to be a carebear.
    With the Drone Region nerf, mineral and product prices are going thru the ROOF.
    Hisec is increasingly “safer”, Incursions are the best money around hands-down… and you very, VERY rarely have to worry about losing your ship (most of that comes from Incursioning!) …. and IndyBears especially profit! They can jack up the prices on ships and mods, reap lots of ISKies (cause THEY don’t lose ships) AND PvPer tears (at least the ones who don’t have indy skills or alts) about how expensive everything is, and how much PvPing costs, those delicious “ebil PvPer” tears!
    In all it’s a “win-win” scenario for Bears.

    Since there really is no good “safe” source of ISK in low or null, we have to come into hisec and compete with bears for in-game ISK, that or buy GTCs/PLEXes to sate our need for ISK, cause lord knows PvP is definitely an ISK-LOSING proposition (especially for a moron and terrible PvPer like me!)… so even CCP wins!

    The latest greatest expansion will be great. For everyone excpt we ebil PvPers that is. :-/

    • Whine, whine…I mean “RAGE” me a river, WeiLoh.
      The more ships you destroy the more expensive they will be since someone will have to make those ships for you while you are trying to kill them. It is all about balance between risk and reward. If you think that ganking an exhumer in highsec is great pvp, when you are not risking anything besides your cheap T1 hull, then I am not really sure what kind of rewards you are expecting. After the drone poo and mission nerf even T1 will not be cheap anymore, so no more cheap thrills for you. Just as it should be in the sandbox.

      • lol WTF?
        Ok obviously you read my blog cause you reference risk & reward which is a big sticking point for me with respect to hisec… but if you actually paid any attention, you should’ve noticed I’ve never killed anyone in hisec. No ganks, no wargames, no hisec kills at all.
        In fact if you look back a ways, you’d see a bunch of LOSSES of ships to ganks or lol-wow-shitfit “hey we’re gonna try to fight this war hurr-durr,” back when I was a hardcore carebear, apparently just like you.

        So uhhh, kinda failing to see why the fuckin tude, dude.

      • PS–obv ya don’t read FNG or you would’ve seen my comments to him talking about seriously increasing the EHP of ALL indy/barge-type ships, T2 AND T1 (on the level of high-cruiser or low-BC range EHP if you actually bother throwing some tank mods/rigs on it).
        Granted that doesn’t do much if yer caught in low/null, but being solo in low/null you run that risk no matter WHAT you fly.
        If you need to borrow a halligan to remove that tasty boot from your mouth, you let me know.

      • OH wait, actually correction.
        I did kill a “boomeranging” Tornado in Aidart once before they “fixed” that “exploit”.
        So yeah, I killed a mean horrible terrible asshole with a Tristan, which makes me a mean, horrible terrible asshole, right? lmao WTF ever man.

  3. Just read through the content of the expansions, and it puts things in perspective: since the start CCP have added PvP *and* PvE content, and hisec has been made safer year after year.

    I think the main problem is that CCP has given up on losec. Look at that list again, and look for losec stuff after March 2009. It will make me sound like an old man rambling on, but improving losec is the key to keep Eve a PvP centric game. Forget whining (eer I meant raeg!ing) about hisec, what we need is ideas to make losec better. And to anyone saying it’s pointless, they will never leave hisec, I reply Build It And They Will Come! So HTFU and get creative! [insert manly warcry]

    • The problem there is even the lowseccers seem to want lowsec to be a “PvP playground” (or as Hans’ campaign vid went: “Lowsec is FIGHT CLUB!”) … which it already does admirably. Only real sticking point is having to watch sec status if you actually care about that sorta thing, but otherwise, yep, :workingasintended:.

    • OK, here is my main issue with all these types of posts…

      EVE is NOT PvP centric. I have never anywhere at anytime seen anything from CCP stating definitively or even partially (please correct me if you can) that EVE Online is a PvP MMO. What I have read from CCP, the creators and programmers and OWNERS of EVE, is that EVE IS a sandbox with MANY types of gameplay in which PvP is an important aspect.

      EVE is PvP centric ONLY to those who are only interested in PvP and believe that their preferred playstyle IS the ONLY acceptable playstyle and everything else should support and enhance that.

      EVE is a SANDBOX, NOT a PvPbox. If all you want ALL you want is to KILL KILL KILL, why aren’t you playing Halo or CoD? You obviously are not interested in the sandbox..

      Christ man… EVE is a complex, rich and amazing sandbox MMO with room for a truly amazing variety of playstyles… why you wanna force ‘your’ preferred playstyle on everyone? Is it ’cause everyone in EVE (‘cept you and your ‘leet frens and peers) is a mouth-breathing carebear pubbie who deserves only to die horribly in your weapon fire? How LOLable…

  4. @WeiLoh
    I probably do read your blog, sorry too many blogs around to keep track. And I am not a hard-core anything in EvE (not enough time), “carebear” or what’s not. So my response to you was not about what you have done or not, but to the actual message that you have been projecting in your posts about HTFU and “bears” this and “dev” that. All those cries about Hi becoming too safe, and Lo not getting any attention. How whiners killing EvE. Take it easy dude, this is only a game. We play games for fun. “Bears” are having fun building things, “PvPiers” are having fun destroying things. There should be a balance between the 2 or it will become unfun for one group and then everyone will lose. Making Hi more safe, not going destroy your fun, there is plenty of space out there for you to roam and find someone who has the same meaning of fun as you.

    Hulkaggeddon and any other player driven events should be fun too, however, everything is good in moderation. The moment something becomes too much and detrimental to something that players have no control over, it stops being fun. Endless wardecs are not fun. Endless blobs are not fun. Cheap suicide ganks are not fun.
    Or maybe they are fun at the expense of someone and we all know how much fun that could be. Eve is a great game and it should be fun for anyone willilng to pay for it. Not one group of players over the other. And that what CCP (devs)keeps trying to do, for good or bad they should never do anything to screw you or anyone over, they do it to improve the game for everyone.

    I guess finding that balance between fun and good (for all) is not easy.

    • “Endless wardecs are not fun. Endless blobs are not fun. Cheap suicide ganks are not fun.
      Or maybe they are fun at the expense of someone and we all know how much fun that could be.”

      I belong to a sov null alliance. Endless wardecs are a fact of life. When I was in a hardcore carebear alliance, endless wardecs were a fact of life. Some have been fail, some have been pro. Either way, yeah it sucks when you’re trying to do something *else* besides PvP (yeah, crazy, I know huh? the ISK has to come from somewhere, cause I’m not paying real money to buy GTCs) and run afoul of a WT or even just passing thru low and someone’s there running a pro gatecamp.

      Guess what? BOTH of those things JUST happened to me the past couple days.
      Was I pissed? Fuck yes. Not because I got whacked but because of how fast it happened and the fact there wasn’t really anything I could do about it.
      I think it’s reasonable to say that ANYONE in such a similar situation would be pissed. In fact, I have an entire entry dedicated to the psychology of WHY people “RAEG!!!” when a ganker appears in the belt, or they run afoul of a WT and get wiped fast.
      It’s not that you _get_ killed (well, for a lot of people anyways), it’s that it either happens so unexpectedly, or so FAST, that you’re surprised, feel helpless, and react from a purely emotional base.

      If you want the “proofs” of EVE being a PvP-centric game you have to dig way back in its history to its very inception.
      Apparently there was NO CONCORD, at all, in any way shape or form, until about 5 yrs or so ago.
      I guess if the game started with hisec essentially being lowsec as we know it today, that’s a pretty goddamned good argument for “original EVE” being PvP-centric.

      Anyways I violated Coreline’s 3-paragraph rule so I’ll STFU with my :walloftext: comments. All I can say is that there are two very vocal factions in this game: those of you who want endless PvP anywhere anyhow, and those who don’t want PvP at all … and both of you use the “right to fun” assertion, while failing to realize that your supposed ‘rights” are in direct contradiction of each other. Both sides cannot “have it your way”, and this is not Burger King. Being as there are already several wonderful MMOs that are “PvE centric with completely optional PvP content tacked on”, I fail to see why we have to convert EVE to match that style of MMO.

      But the avalanche has already started, and it’s too late for the pebbles to vote.

  5. Jusr read something I felt was apropos to this general line of discussion. A major Indy guy I know well says…

    “…to keep New Eden supplied with sufficient ships and modules to come and AFK camp our system to stop us mining, or to Black Ops hot drop us to destroy our mining fleet. Oh wait… what?

    Keep destroying our Hulks, I’ll just build more. I’ll also build more ships for you to asplode us with, but I’ll have to just charge you a bit more as mineral inflation is quite bad at the moment, and I’ve got to cover my losses so need to eek out a bit more profit. Never mind, you seem honest enough, I’ll give you a small discount for repeat business”


  6. Pirate tears, best tears.

  7. You have no idea what you are talking about, yes you increase sales and revenue in game BUT out of game CCP is loosing subs and money because no one wants to play a game that you can be gank by a bunch of asshats who abuse game mechanics for there own enjoyment. Hahahah good luck ganking anything when CCP shutdowns the servers when they go bust. LOL


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