I’m not a SiSi. I Just Play There

Using SiSi is a good tool to take concepts and test them without breaking your wallet, shitting up your killboard and making an utter ass of yourself.  So today I grabbed some guys and headed to a nice little area to blow up some hulks, macks, and take a crack and an orca or two.

We tested fits, to see how close to the bone we could cut it.  We tested some mechanics, for example trying to board a ship (in an Orca or in Space) while GCC got us this notice:

23:12:05 Notify You have been involved in illegal activity whilst piloting this ship. CONCORD prohibits you from destroying evidence by changing ships at this time.

Which I thought was interesting since I managed to apparently commit a crime in a pod.

We tested combinations of ships, how they reacted against the various targets out there, and came to some conclusions which I’ve found rather interesting.  I’m going to post some of them to help gankers do their planning.

The biggest challenge I see is keeping activity going.  With 15 minute timers after every attempted gank, and no way around them gankers will have to operate their fleets rather efficiently to maximize kills in a time period.  Using the minimum number of ships to ENSURE a kill, cleaning the battlefield (if they want) and setting up the support team while a secondary or tertiary squad prepares for their attack.

In addition the spawning of Faction Police (much weaker than CONCORD) means attacks must be launched FAST.  You have to move out from wherever you are basing as soon as you get in the ships, and start shooting nearly as soon as you land.  Losing from 0.3 to 0.5 Sec Status per kill means that kills can deplete Sec in a hurry.  A toon with a full 5.0 standing can afford to kill at most 24 ships before he starts losing access to systems.  With my corp targeting 0.7 and below a person with a 5.0 can hit 28.333 ships before having to worry about faction police.  Corelin has a -1.2 right now so he can kill at most 8 targets before we run into problems.  Clearly pre-seccing up will be a BIG part of this last week of pre-hulkageddon prep.  In addition as the event stretches on people might zip out to good ratting spots and pull their sec status up a bit.

Oh and a LOT of destroyers and hulks and macks were hurt in the preparation of this blog.

I'm using it every time I can


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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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