Showing Their Sting

Today Goonswarm leadership “leaked” what amounts for a bid to win EvE.  Having extended their military might as far as is profitable then are pressing to more profitable Venues.  The three most revealing are Burn Jita, OTEC and the Death Squad, of lesser importance, but still of note is the leadership shuffle and the Tengu Fleet announcement.

Burn Jita

For anyone living under a rock, or willfully ignorant of what is about to start, Goons are about to launch a 2 (or 3) day hellcamp of Jita. The goal of this camp is to either remind everyone else that they enjoy EvE at the sufferance of the swarm, or that Goons can shut down any system, any time, any where.  Both are pretty startling messages if they pull it off.


OTEC is a concerted effort by Goons, in concert with Burn Jita to dominate the economic sphere of New Eden.  It is the focal point of T2 components, the Spice of New Eden.  Wars are fought over single moons and much scheming and back-stabbing has happened.  Goons wants to make as much as possible before the far-off specter of “Ring Mining” shakes up their hold on New Eden’s gold.  To do this they will form a consortium between themselves and the other major players holding tech moons, restricting or loosening supply in order to profit the most from this death grip on key production resources.

The Death Squad

The Death Squad is a broadside aimed at the metagame.  Anyone who thinks goons will limit themselves to the forums is out of his mind.  Write a blog post about how shitty you think Goons are?  Welcome to the list.  Host a news site with a perceived anti-goon cant?  Expect friends in local.  Your podcast not supportive enough of Papa Mittens during “Suicide gate?” might want to stay docked up.  This is a means to quiet voices set against the goons, either through intimidating them into silence, or by chasing them clear out of the game.

All this combines into one vicious stinger.  Goons are unsheathing their sword and declaring war on EvE.  I’m a little surprised they didn’t use Seleene’s “TotalHellDeath” expansion poster from his speech a few years back.  This represents a bid to display what Goons clearly feel to be their dominance in all aspects of EvE. Even while they do this.  Even while they burn thousands of Tornadoes and countless thrashers, they are creating a new fleet doctrine.  The Tengu swarm.  Expect these ships to be brought to lots of fights and lost in large numbers.  Goons will be the first to tell you they whelp fleets with occasionally hilarious regularity, and they feel they have the wallet and warchest to do it.  I believe them.

The final note is the leadership shuffle.  Goons are taking the most comprehensive, broad-based offensive, economic, metagame, and plenty of military action, and doing it at the same time as 5 leadership moves.  There’s alliances where this would amount to a complete changeover in leadership, and Goons are doing it in the midst of major operations.  Whatever you feel about Goons, Mittens or their method of operations you have to admire their ability to think big.  If they pull this off they will have demonstrated that not only can they control the game in their own territories, but that they can dominate the game at the heart of the highsec “empire” and beyond the bounds of the game itself.

Fly dangerous, and watch yourself.

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. As a group taking part in Hulkageddon don’t forget to look for your bounties paid out by goons for ganking … talk about a war chest — paying 3rd parties to actively harvest miner tears. Jester has some thoughts on how the bounties pay for them self by reinforcing the cartel any thoughts?

    • Yeah it will drive hulk prices (and mack) through the roof. They may or may not turn a profit on it as an organization but key leaders will make a killing.

  2. Goon tears are the best tears….like kids stomping their feet for attention…however boastful they are about the apparent numbers and capabilities…the only thing goons will find is they can succeed as a swarm in a limited amount of space…a very small amount of space compared to the overall regions of eve.

    Have your tantrum…see you probably never.

  3. Yes, Goons are influential, but remember that they are limited in how many things they can do at once, and in how long they can continue any one campaign. Now combine that with the asymmetry of griefing: they can screw with others because there are more of them than their targets. It is therefore possible for the smaller number of targets to counter-grief the Goons by waiting them out; this judo move can end up with a smaller number controlling the game of a larger number.

  4. The slightly sad thing is, the more they do this they risk some of the freedoms of EVE being restricted in time. Long before I started playing, this happened with mOo, and it has happened with a CONCORD buff that happened a few years ago after some of the Jihadswarms.

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