Stupidity is Expensive

Somehow goons are still scoring fat kills around jitamart.  I simply do not get how people can be ignorant of the event at this point.  The event was published all over the internet, mostly by goons.  Local is spammed to hell, there’s live feed, there simply isn’t an excuse at this point to have anything shiny anywhere near Jita.  And yet as I type this I see a freighter undocking.

If Goons want to indicate that people aren’t safe, I don’t know that they’ve succeeded.  I think they’ve made a strong argument for it, but what they’ve really proven is that a wide segment of the EvE population is TOTALLY oblivious to their surroundings.  Paul Clavet (I believe) posted this gem on situational awareness on his blog My Loot Your Tears.  In it he talks about the combat mindset, the difference between oblivious and passively alert.  Good EvE players maintain some level of situational awareness whenever they play.  They follow enough news sources (forums, blogs, websites, etc) to be aware of what they are likely to see.  They watch chat channels to find out current intel.  They keep their head up, especially when undocked.

However some people go beyond “Condition White”  They go into “Actively Stupid” Local shitting up?  Don’t pay attention, just close it or turn blink off.  Goons spouting shit again?  Fuck it it’s goons they never say anything important.  Map shows 3578 ships destroyed in Jita in the last 24 hours?  Can’t be arsed to bother with it.  When I talk about people who are playing EvE as a single-player game, that’s who I’m talking about.  Every single hauler, freighter, and shiny PvE ship is an avoidable loss.  There was no reason to not know this was coming.  Some people just actively pursue their ignorance.  They don’t want to face the unpleasant facts of their situation so they ignore it until the unpleasantness grows.  Yeah some people got away with stuff, a lot more got whacked.

Stupidity costs isk.  I’m glad the people who read this blog are taking the time to educate themselves somewhat.  I hope that this event drives more people to look at their options in EvE.  Either join the bigger community or GTFO.

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. I concur. I like keeping my ISK and shiny. And while I have no problem with other people losing theirs (or being taken advantage of), a smarter and more aware community would make for a better New Eden.

  2. electronic darwinism at it’s finest… 🙂

  3. But Corelin it’s hisec and supposed to be perfectly safe like in real life! Cause you know muggings, robbery, carjacking, random assaults, etc NEVER happen in real life, at least not in MY real life! It’s all just stuff on the 10 o clock news and on CSI: Tama and all! I’m perfectly safe cause the government says so and i should be perfectly safe in the game cause “EVE is real”, Corelin! EVE is REAL!


    • Ah, sarcasm … well struck!

      The capacity that people have to convince themselves that a wild and chaotic universe will conform itself to what they _believe_ it should be is almost as entertaining as the shock they evince when it has the temerity to prove otherwise to them.

      Just as amazing is the ability to ignore the obvious when it not only emerges directly in front of them, but takes the further step of announcing itself by punching them in the nose. And not just once, it so often seems, but multiple times.

      You’d think that, after a while, they’d sense or otherwise know that the anvil is falling toward their head without actually needing it to hit to figure it out …

  4. In addition, there is also a nice splash screen advising of increased danger in and around Jita…

    As much as think that the power balance is a bit too much shifted in favor of the pvpers, idiots like that tempt even me to put on a parrot and place an eyepatch on my shoulder.

  5. “Either join the bigger community or GTFO.”

    Nonsense. It’s perfectly possible and enjoyable to play Eve as a single player game. I’m actually relishing Burn Jita and Hulkaggeddon, I’ve made 2.5b so far just in sales.

    Eve is meant to be a sandbox. It supports many playstyles and there are many soloists who don’t undock freighters into gank squads. Indeed I don’t see any correlation between the two – bet there’s some stupid goon who’s undocked his alt and got it killed by his mates.

    Now, want to buy a Tornado?

    • Sorry I was a bit inaccurate with my language. I consider single-player EvE players to be those who don’t pay attention to other players, either in or out of game. Clearly you don’t fit MY definition in that regard or you wouldn’t be here, or maintain your own blog. You don’t have to play WITH other people, but you do have to play with an AWARENESS of other people.

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