Hulkageddon is HERE!

Hulkageddon is barely three hours old.  With three pilots shooting Fancy Hats has 5 kills.  Pickings have been fairly slim, with generally only botters available.  However, something happened that bears more telling.  Our scout spots two Orcas and one hulk in a belt.  Slightly unusual.  Not two Hulks and one Orca.  Two Orcas and one Hulk.  Warping in to investigate he is decloaked by an orca on his warpin spot.  Happens.  He moves off, cloaks, gathers his nerves.  Notices that one Orca is unpiloted.  As he reports this the other Orca pilot poops out a hulk, hops into it and leaves it abandoned.  I scramble off to buy a blackbird.  Fitting to jam the hell out of the hulks to break any locks we position two alts who can fly orcas in the neighborhood.  We all warp in and the alts start spamming dock.  They immediately end up on board as I finish landing.  Well… that was interesting.

For those unfamiliar with the mechanics, a ship that is locked up can only be reboarded by the “owner” who abandoned it.  Bad Hulk pilots occasionally use an Orca as a jetcan.  Ejecting their mining ship, hopping in it and LOCKING THE ORCA to protect it.  Of course they can be jammed, or bumped out of range, but no one would do that would they?  So because these morons weren’t paying attention, Fancy Hats is 1.5 billion richer, friends have cheap rigged ships, and we have tons of loot and salvage.  No good tears though.

By leaving them untargeted they basically hung up a “Steal me” sign.  Which was pretty hilarious for us, I’ll see if the FRAPS is any good.  For now, I’ll report on some other goings on on Day 1.

Killed 3 Macks in 1 Ice belt in the course of 30 minutes.  People just not paying attention I guess.

Smashed 1 Hulk not paying attention in a 0.5 system.  Another one right after we stole his Orca.  Finally got three Macks at once in an ice belt.  That was probably the best of them.  Wrapping up the night with 12 kills and some sloppy whiffs, it’s a scratch crew.  We’ll get ’em sorted.

People continue to not pay attention.  Even with all the warnings, some even in-game and from CCP, ignorance is RAMPANT.  Not only are people mining in nearly completely untanked ships during Hulkageddon, some are upping the ante by mining using methods that expose them to considerable additional danger.  While it resulted in hilarity today (I think I pulled something laughing over the Orca double-steal) it’s amazingly frustrating that there’s EvE players who are this ignorant.

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. Don’t forget the Ishtar sitting in the ship maintenance bay of one of the Orcas…

    Double Grand Theft Orca: now that’s a fine evening. 🙂

  2. OBTW … therew as a shuttle in there with the Ishtar, too. And everything was named for the knucklehead we stole it from.

    I believe one Orca remains for sale; the guy wasn’t willing to buy it back for the bargain basement price of 750m isk.

  3. lol you guys are mean ebil griefers who prob slaughter cute puppies and kick babies for lollipops and lulz in real life.
    I approve of these products and/or services. 😀

  4. The bright side of stupid people, there’s always someone more informed ready to take advantage of the situation. Maybe the world needs stupid people 🙂 Gratz on the orcas!

  5. I knew Hulkageddon was going to deliver the lulz, but I didn’t expect they would be quite so lulzy, quite so soon. Grand Theft Orca indeed, the mining lasers struck COMEDY GOLD in that asteroid!

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