Not sure what exactly Nosy Gamer (Best Blog not in the Blog Pack) has uncovered here, but it certainly looks like he might have a gem. In this post he distills Sreegs answers to questions on the comments thread for those (like me) who can’t be bothered to wade through the chest-deep trolling on the EvE-O forums.  The part that has my head spinning at the moment is the massive extra chunk on my final assignment for the semester that got emailed out Thursday that I only saw this morning This:

Q.  There was a suggestion at Fan Fest that the confiscated PLEX might be sold to players.  Why not some of these assets as well?

CCP Sreegs:  “One problem I have with this is that we’re seeing patterns of activity where the isk is botted up and in this case we’re printing isk at a rate which it should not be happening at out of thin air.

“At the end of the day though I’m not an economics guy so the assets sit in the banned accounts until or unless someone decides to use them for something.

“I’d considered at one point using them as a reward system but I can’t get over the fact that a lot of this stuff just simply shouldn’t exist and that can’t be good for an economy.”

Q.  I understand that you have reservations about returning ill-gotten goods to the economy, but there’s a sizeable amount of isk in circulation that was created through illicit means as well; and Dr. E. seems to be more worried about the isk at this point.

CCP Sreegs:  “The isk was created to purchase the goods. :)”

The first Q/A talks about the concept of returning some of these assets to the EvE economy, which I think I support to some extent (PLEX for certain) however he raises a good point on his second answer.  The isk was created to purchase the goods, and by way of corollary the goods were generated to absorb the isk.

What makes me think that we need to see some of these items reintroduced is the massive inflation we have seen lately.  Buying power has gone way down.  Let’s say you make 20 million isk an hour in your PvE Efforts.  You used to be able to fully fit an Amarrian BS in 5 hours.  That’s a saturday afternoon.  Now you can’t quite manage the hull.  If you want an Abaddon you need to spend 12 hours just getting the hull.  This is discouraging to people.  They want to fly the big and shiny things.

On the other hand, we have been living in an era of reduced consequences.  With more isk available from Incursions (100+ mill isk/hour was quite feasable for a long time) and low prices, people didn’t care about ships.  They became Jaded and scoffed at the concept of loss.  Now people have to deal with more consequences, they have to be more aware of the results of their actions.  This has resulted in some very fun and interesting battles, but also an attitude of entitlement by many players, where they feel that cheap, impact-limited  pvp was a right, and not an aberration.

By nerfing Incursions down to L4 mission levels (or lower by some accounts) and eliminating “Mining with Guns” CCP has smashed the pillars that held up the high-isk, low-cost economy.  Now isk levels are most likely sinking as income is harder to generate, and prices are skyrocketing as the tonnes of ores that used to flow in from missions and rogue drones has abruptly stopped.

Finally there’s this comment:

Dr. E. seems to be more worried about the isk at this point.

I think that it doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  I wonder what the long-term fallout will be.  While I happily gank hulks to line Goonswarm pockets.  Hey mittens can I get my 100m payouts in tech?

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. I really hope that those items (except for PLEX) are never sold because then that means CCP would be competing with players on the markets. And I hope PLEX would only be sold in case of problems on the market.

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