An Abbreviated Day 2

With my new and not so improved final project, and sec starting to weaken my striking power I’ve had to shorten my day 2 of Hulkageddon.  Currently I’m #4 on the Hulkageddon leaderboard, with Poetic and Shootin’ Star of Fancy Hats also ranked, #4 on solo kills with Poetic at #10, #2 in Amarr space, with Poetic and Star at #4 and #5 and generally having a blast.  Loot Gods have been generous, and salvage has as well.  Quite a satisfying event to date.  Some observations / tips:

Shoot the target in a belt, dock at a nearby station, undock in a noob ship.  Clears the belt of CONCORD.

Scan everything in the belt if your scout is scanning everything.  Might tip off targets.  Might show you that the Orca sitting there is loaded down with shield transfers.  Cost us a whiff that one did.

Miners are generally pretty ignorant.  There’s been some flat out DUMB killmails we’ve gotten.  For example: is not how you tank a Mack.  They were on, but I didn’t see his shields go up much in the time it took me to shred that ship. and

If you are gonna use any kind of EWAR, use ECM.  If they are as close as blaster catalysts will get (possibly inside your hull) damps and TDs won’t help you much. 8000 EHP with all skills at 5.  More likely around 7500.  Not a good way to protect a 300 million isk ships amigo. Not bad.  Too bad he was sitting there not moving 4 minutes after another gank, especially when CONCORD had already left the belt.  In his defense he tried to warp off.  I was just 4km away and closing fast when he did.

Happy Hulkageddon Games!

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. Those are HORRIBAD ! I’m a 2 yo high sec miner/industrialist nad I always love seeing these although it is embarrassing to the ‘profession’. It’s useless to even tank a Mack so I never bother. But Hulks. My God it’s like these idiots are allergic to RESISTS ! Lord help us.

    • Actually we whiffed on a mack that had decent resists and an orca with shield reps and bots watching. Attention to detail is important. If you see a bunch of people in local you should probably check d-scan a lot. Especially in dead-end or low-traffic systems.

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