Planning For the Win

NOT planning FTW.

Planning is frequently the difference between winning and losing.  The side that plans better generally wins.  The side with worse planning can usually only win if the side with better planning executes poorly.  I am a fairly compulsive planner in EvE.  I am a firm believer that improvised responses work best when planned in minute detail well in advance complete with contingency and backup plans.

As a result my Hulkageddon shooting has been a bit spotty.  Our success rate on strikes we took the time to set up correctly has been 100%.  Our whiff rate on the other strikes has been pretty brutal.  As such I’ve more or less gone to conducing well planned, rehearsed strikes where we can get an assured kill.  To me, the steps for this in Hulkageddon are:

Good Warp-In – Absolutely critical when your sec status starts dropping.

Known Target Info – Allows you to efficiently allocate resources (catalysts) to the target.

Coordination of Firepower – Getting enough dps on the target in time to make the kill.  It can be a tight window.  Sometimes very tight depending on the system.

I like to guarantee kills.  I don’t want to use 1 Catalyst when I have guys in fleet who can’t solo.  I know that 3/4 of the time you should succeed, especially in 0.5/0.6, but I’ve got guys without the skills to do it, so I’ll send them with one of the highly skilled players to guarantee the kill.  If I see a tanked ship I’ll go after it even harder, with 3 or more.  Does it waste hulls and sec status?  Sure.  I’d rather post the kills than lose ships needlessly.  Again I’m conservative.  I want to take everything into account.  I’m losing a ship no matter what.  I want to get as many kills as possible even if I lose more ships.

Usually how it plays out, our cloaky scout pokes around in the belts and finds something decent.  He then stalks it, checking for shield effects.  If he doesn’t see any he may or may not decloak for a quick passive targeter scan.  He gets in close and lets us know when to warp, depending on how alert the target is we will be positioned near an orca near the belt.  Grab the catalysts, warp to the scout, hijinks ensue.  Time permitting we will all bump the Hulk/Mack around a bit and then shred it to make sure everyone is on the target.  If they start moving it pinches things and we will usually open up within 4km.

Fly dangerous, score kills.

Also how do they find crewmen for Catalysts these days?

I'm using it every time I can



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