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The Ego Takes Over

Egos are an important factor in EvE at pretty much any level.  They drive people to do things that might not be terribly well advised whether it’s a corporation, an alliance, a lone pilot, or a blog writer.  Today I’m going to take a look at a few examples of these ill-advised misadventures.  First, being an ego-centric jerk, I’m going to look at myself.

I consider myself a good PvPer.  Not a great one, and I’ve done pretty well at solo PvP.  A little while ago I had a failfit daredevil I wanted to lose.  And I did.  This was actually a REALLY good fight that I wish I’d frapsed.  I yo-yod in an out several times trying to find a sweet spot where I could get damage on him without getting blapped but in the end he managed to tag me and I lost the ship.  Deciding that I should show this upstart how it was done.  And I didn’t.  While I managed to pop his retriever, my tail was FIRMLY tucked between my legs.  I almost brought back a sentinel, which I’m quite sure would have ruined his day, but decided I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if I lost that too.  Here my ego drove me to two mistakes.  The first was to go back in a rifter against a ship that was pretty much made to butcher frigates.  He easily has several times my tank, and enough DPS to kill me if he can catch me and I was sloppy enough to let him catch me, then I knew exactly the ship to bring to get some revenge and I neglected to offer battle, even with success nearly assured with the ship I had in the wings.  A cruor would have been even more fun come to think of it.

At the corp level, well, where to start.  Again I’ll pick on my own corp.  Fancy Hats currently has 13 people, of whom 12 have been active in the last week, with 9 contributing kills.  Percentage wise that’s fucking fantastic.  Of course one is a temporary alt, and another one will probably leave soon after Hulkageddon ends.  So really we have 11, 9, and 8.  Like many other corps we have dreams and aspirations.  We want to find a home, be it in low or nullsec.  The easiest way would of course be to find an established corp that’s recruiting and just go.  However we’ve gotten attached to our little kingdom.  We are proud of its accomplishments and its unrealized potential.  It does cost us.  There have been opportunities we have flat out missed.  Invitations we simply haven’t taken because we want to stay under our own flag.  For example we’d love the chance to fly with a AA or AAA alliance in null or low, shake things up a bit and really dig into the big picture experience of EvE.  We threw out some feelers and ended up in S I L E N T..  That ended… Poorly.  had some fun, met some good people but the alliance just fell apart.

Now not all of that is ego.  Some of it is us wanting to challenge the odds and show that we do have the chops to contribute to a major alliance.  However we could do some real damage other ways and make our mark, choosing to do it this way is as much me wanting to keep Fancy Hats going as my leadership saying “LET’S DO THIS!”

Alliances.  Old-School CVA.  Thinking the game revolved around them, bringing in the sick the poor, the downtrodden, and getting them trod on again.  Their high-handedness with their allies and their assumption that the stars would line up for them and their concept of how the narrative of EvE would play out in their favor resulted in countless losses for their pilots and allies.  The new leadership put a thorough cleansing on the whole edifice of the alliance and seems to have gotten the fires out and the ship righted, but it has been a long and painful process.

Finally blogs, the meta game, what have you.  Everyone knows I will pick Mittens, so I wont.  Instead I’ll pick on Roc Wieler. Go ahead and hit his site if you have a few hours to read and try to find something with more than a whispy, tenuous connection to EvE.  He usually has 1 a month that a dedicated EvE player could figure out is EvE related.  For a post that is actually ABOUT EvE you have to go back to around October.  OCTOBER.  LAST YEAR PEOPLE.  If I wanted a fitness blog he’d be fantastic, he really does come up with some decent workouts.  He’s not an EvE blogger anymore.  He hasn’t been for a long time and he clogs up the feeds with his rambling rules, “In-character” posts that have nothing to do with events in the game (as opposed to the excellent posts Mike Azariah does over at A Missioner in EvE.  Roc’s blog has devolved in smug ego-stroking that only becomes more and more annoying with every post and major announcement.  When he ran Capsuleer it was fantastic, a huge contribution to the community and his blog posts talked about things in the game.  Now?  It’s been more than 6 months since he posted something that a casual reader would know was about EvE.  Yet he keeps going, calling it an EvE blog.

All of these are cases of Ego.  Some hurt the player, some hurt many, and some really don’t affect many people at all.  Ego is a factor.  If your recognize your own you can figure out when you are making a mistake and adjust your plan.  Self-knowledge is an important part of your toolkit in a game as cutthroat as EvE.  Bringing this to the table will help you win the fights you need to win.

I’m using it every time I can