Playing with Numbers

So I looked at Hulkageddon’s little post on EvE-kill.

The efficiency is just a laugher.  We all knew it would be but it still puts a smile on my face.  Pushing over 90% is rough.  98.2?  wow.  There were some actual surprises.

  1. People fly skiffs?  I guess.  If they were in high sec I’d be… well… even more depressed by carebears than I already am.
  2. Macks are the safest target.  99.55% efficiency means they aren’t defending themselves and they are getting killed easily.  Of course they tend to be in 0.7 and below and are much weaker than hulks.
  3. Someone lost a 1.4 BILLION isk pod to a hulk.  Of course This is just… too good not to share.  YOU LOST YOUR POD TO A HULK GUY!  Also the comment on this from “Worthless Gamer” is priceless.  Ganks are for fun not l33t pvp guy.
  4. Orcas are a challenge.  It takes a lot of ships to get them down.  Now some have been killed in interesting ways, looks like a POS and a couple covops tagged one…
  5. The tech 1 ships are not being hunted with nearly the passion of the exhumers.  Still surprised to see procurers out there…
  6. The leaderboard claims 2221 kills, eve-kill claims 1013… supposedly they come from the same source.  Not sure what the discrepancy is about but it’s pretty big and bears comment.

No matter what Hulkageddon has been a big success for Fancy Hats.  We’ve got a huge stack of booty, more than enough for everyone who has participated to make a profit off the enterprise, in addition we’ve had a lot of fun.  EvE is a game where you have to manufacture your fun just like you have to manufacture or buy everything else.  Having an event like this where we can have fun, kill things and even make a little isk if you do it right, is just awesome.

In fact I suspect we will be doing it at other times just for lulz.  It’s the kind of small social activity that doesn’t require you to hunt endlessly for targets.  Even now with Hulkageddon in full swing there’s Hulks and Macks sitting in belts afk. Now you will never get an epic battle out of it, but you might get a laugh, some good tears, and a free orca.  Of course it will just be a sidelight from the other fun opportunity that seems to have fallen on our doorstep…

I’m using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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