Defining Narrative

But first and most importantly:  Congrats to the newest member of the Blog Pack:  The Nosy Gamer.  He’s been providing solid information on the sordid side of EvE for a long time, and was even recognized by a speaker at Fanfest for his efforts.  If you haven’t bookmarked him already, you should.  Also back in the pack are Rixx Javix’s Evoganda and Helicity Boson.  I’m surrounded by giants and for once am truly humbled when I see the company I’m in.

Now to Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax.

Narrative is a key part to any game.  I’m not talking the strict, dictionary definition of “a story or account of events, experiences, or the like,whether true or fictitious.” I’m talking about narrative in the sense of “The story you yourself take part in in the game you play.”  EvE gives a huge challenge to its players.  CCP doesn’t hand them a narrative.  CCP doesn’t carry them from “Kill Ten Rats” to “Kill Deathwing” because CCP thinks that a cornerstone of the game is the players choosing their options.

Your narrative is defined by the actions you take and the ramifications they have on you, combined with the actions others take and the ramifications those actions have on you.  The narrative is a collaborative effort.  You alone do not define your experience.  In a multiplayer game, without set paths, other people will interact with you, as you will interact with them.  Your influences will color each others efforts.  The narrative you experience is influenced heavily by you and your choices, but other people can, at times, heavily influence you, or even take over your narrative for a time.

The key to remember as a player, is that your intentions drive you to encounters, like scenes or chapters in a book.  Those encounters play out with multiple players, and everyone gets a say.  You will notice some words didn’t turn up in this post.  “Fair” and “Fun” for example.  This isn’t an accident.  Fair doesn’t exist.  Fun is your responsibility.  EvE provides shovels and sand and buckets.  Building and defending castles is your responsibility.

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Well put. The more I played SWTOR, the more I missed Eve. In Eve, My character may never be a mighty “Defender of the Universe” like all the other SWTOR players playing the Bioware-provided narrative, but I damned sure am having more fun making my own story in New Eden.

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