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Compared to the 7 day average before Escalation, the last 7 days have seen a 45.53% decrease in average m3 of ore mined within high sec.

Well then… Clearly Hulkageddon has hit some people hard.  Very, Very hard.  While even with over 4000 kills as part of Hulkageddon I don’t think it’s even a tithe of total miners, the number staying docked up and playing Hello Kitty Online has cut deeply into the amount of ore mined.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem.  Drone regions and other “Mining with Guns” options have traditionally provided the bulk of most ores necessary for the unquenchable appetite of the EvE Economy.  This has of course resulted in a MASSIVE price increase in base Tech 1 ships since the end of April.  Like the Armageddon


Well how about the Megathron?


Well, all right.  Surely the EBBIL DRAEK won’t screw up the theory.

You know what, FUCK you guys.

Ok, so that isn’t killing us.  I suspect there is a good deal of minerals in most manufacturers supply bins, keeping them insulated from even more shocks.  All the speculation and changes and price spikes have likely taught them to be more proactive about keeping a good source on hand.  Prices might inflate later but I think this drop has more to do with a falloff after the crazy inflation earlier this year than anything else.

Mineral prices are simply FLAT for low ends.  Trit is even going down.  Still it seems to me that past a certain point Hulkageddon is counter-productive.  It is certainly fun, and I think to an extent it really does add to the flavor of the game.  However I was wondering if it has a price and if it can be taken too far.  At some point down the line the mineral prices are going to get bumped.  This may hurt the people shooting, certainly far more than losing a few catalysts or other gank ships.  Then there’s things like this:

Bagehi ‏ @bagehi

@HelicityBoson Rhyan Starcannon > well i just lost my mining ship, only got it today 😦 only been playing again 6 days… #LOL

I wondered how the event was affecting guys like this.  Utter nooblets.  The guy is in a corp, and might have even heard of Hulkageddon but… what a welcome to EvE.  I actually took a bit of time to talk to the guy about it.  He had a pretty cool attitude about the whole thing I was glad to find.  While he didn’t appreciate being a target he wasn’t out of his mine pissed about it either.   This neatly reinforces one belief I’ve long had about EvE.  People who will play the game for a while really will put up with its crap.  Part of being something awesome means sometimes “awesome” happens to you in the form of winning an egg.  Yes people have likely quit over it, yes it’s a matter of people shooting folks doing something most of the shooters literally wouldn’t be caught dead doing.  I don’t think the consequences will be THAT serious in the long-term.

Fly dangerous.

I’m using it every time I can


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  1. I’ve noticed all t1 frigates and cruisers have gone up by about half since last year.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Best summary of the recent events ever!

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