Count ALL the ships

My inventory is a MESS.  And I have lots of stuff.

I recently inherited all of a friends stuff when he quit EvE.  ALL of his stuff.  Both of us are pack rats.

Megathron:  Old sniper style stuck in nullsec along with an

Eagle: Yup.  They stink

and a

Ferox:  I actually *really* like the rox, and think it will likely be one of the better ships after CCP changes around the BCs post Inferno.

10 Hurricanes:  8 inherited from a friend, split evenly between shield and armor canes.  2 of my own, both armor.

3 Ruptures:  2 unfit, one gank cruiser fit.

2 Tengus:  1 Inherited, 1 set up for null plexing

1 Osprey:  Set up for mining.  This ship might be old.

1 Absolution:  Inherited ship, incursion fit.

4 Basilisks:  3 incursion fit, 1 6:0 2 5:1 and 1 “PvP” fit.  Two inherited.

2 Typhoons:  I actually think this is a fun ship considering I’ve only flown them on SiSi.

2 Primae:  Inherited.

8 Badgers:  2 Mk 1s, 6 Mk2s,  2 of which are Battle Badgers.

1 Echelon:  Lost mine somehow.  Inherited a replacement

1 Scythe:  Not sure what for.

2 Claymores:  Slightly different fits.  One of the more fun command ships if you don’t want to put a loki out there.

2 Caracals:  Hate ’em.  Gonna fix that later tonight

1 Crane:  Inherited

1 Damnation:  Because perfect armor leadership skills demand a 400k ehp command ship.

5 Guardians:  Because they are awesome and I never have one near me when I need one.  2 are inherited

Mach:  Armor fit.  Inherited.  Gonna change THAT puppy around you had better believe…

Muninn:  Fun little boat.

3 Dominixes.  Dominixi.  Domis:  Most versatile boat in EvE.  One has a 140k ehp tank.  One has a 1300+DPS gank, one is a lazy man’s level 4 mission runner.  All from the same hull.

Rokh:  Who doesn’t want 180k ehp on a gank BS?

Daredevil:  Gotta replace the one I lost stupidly.

Zephyr:  Whatevs.

Abaddon:  MASSIVE MASSIVE armor tank.

4 Harbingers:  2 shield tank, 2 armor tank, all fun.

3 Ishkurs:  Clearly I’m overcompensating for something.

2 Sleipnirs:  Never test out fits without making sure you are actually in SiSi.

Thorax:  GANKYOUMUTHA *ahem*

3 Myrms:  The little brother to the Domi.  Another ridiculously versatile ship.

1 Jag:  Haven’t got the hang of this yet.

Vengeance:  Haven’t lost it yet, I should get on that.

Zealot:  FINALLY scored a kill with it in a WH.  Fun little boat, but fit in the rather dated “Brofist” style.

Blackbird:  Because FU that’s why.  Lots of jams.

3 Thrashers:  Pew Pew

3 Catalysts:  Because somewhere there’s a Hulk AFK in a belt.

Curse:  Powerful, Sinister, Awesome.

3 Armageddons:  My favorite battleship when DPS is on the menu.  Simply stupid damage out to great range.

2 Oracles:  1 beam fit, 1 pulse fit.  I love the Tier 3 BCs

Proteus:  A homage to the nasty R&K fit.

Megathron Navy Issue:  I promise you it isn’t bait.  Really it’s not.

3 Scimitars:  I love them as I love all logis.

3 Drakes:  Another stupendously versatile ship.  Also one staring nervously at the nerf hammer hovering over its head.

2 Maelstroms:  Still trying to get the hang of this bad boy, but MAN does it look great on paper.

Huginn:  Everyone hates this guy.  TPs and Webs can totally ruin your day.

Arazu:  Another recon everyone hates seeing pop up.


Taranis:  Because everyone needs to create safespots sometime.

3 Enyos:  They got a LOT better with the AF fix didn’t they folks?

Oneiros:  Still wrapping my head around this one.  I think it’s awesome, but I haven’t got it right yet.

5 Moas:  Because there’s no T1 cruiser more disposable than this ugly bastard.


Tornado:  Because 8x1400mms of FU has to be given.

Naga:  Another ship that I think a lot of despite never using.

Devoter:  Ugh.  Crap fit.  Great for lowsec camping but not something I’d want to lose as the humiliation would be unbearable.

Falcon:  Nothing in EvE gets primaried faster.

Raptor:  MOAR bookmarks.

4 Buzzards:  I keep acquiring these things for wormhole ops.

2 Manticore:  They’ll never see it coming.

3 Rifters:  Best ship in the game available to most players in their first week.

Bantam:  Another mining holdover

Navy Slicer:  Zoom and boom!

Bustard:  Inherited.  I can’t even sit in it.

Ashimmu:  A curse covered in blood and lazzors.

Breacher:  Can flipper.  They never see it coming.

Apotheosis:  Yay.

Crusader:  Yup.  More safespots.

Kestrel:  Light all the cynos.  Do it in a kestrel.

Slasher:  Don’t even begin to know why.

Loki:  I’m in your nullsec ratting my sec up.

Purifier:  Fun for ganking hulks in wormholes I guess?

Nemesis:  The fat man hiding in plain sight.

As far as names go, 90%+ are named _██_ because I’m the CEO of Fancy Hats and it looks like a hat.  Some notable exceptions are gank BS.  “Say Hello to my DPS” “GANKYOU” and the “Lady Slut” (Megathron) Other ships might have functional names.  For example at one point I had 40 catalysts, so when I fit them I named them “G2G” for “Good to Go” You try fitting 40 gank ships in one sitting and keeping track of them.

I’m using it every time I can


About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. “Can i haz ur stuff?” really works? Krixtal Icefluxor had quite the collection of ships. You definitely scored big. 🙂

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