EvE Propaganda

Propaganda has a complicated role in EvE.  Sometimes it is used to stir up friends and allies to greater activity.  Sometimes to brag and chestbeat about achievements, sometimes to impart key lessons to people.  Often it is aimed at targets, outside the “friends” circle.  EvE has an incredibly diverse community with styles of art, and music running the gamut from the silly, to the sincere, to the breathtaking. At the silly end of the spectrum you have bits like the now defunct I Drawed Sum Spaceships or Little Bees to the more dramatic stylings of Rixx Javix (One of which is at the top of this page I am quite pleased to say, another version graces my Corp Killboard,) to the very focused propaganda put out by Goonswarm in a steady stream lately.

And that isn’t even the top of the iceberg for goons.

Propaganda serves a lot of purposes.  It can affect how you are seen internally, how you are seen externally, it can rally your supporters and demoralize your enemy.  Sometimes an elegant message can spur people to great efforts and sometimes it can crush the will of your foes.  One of the best examples of the latter is a message The Mittani had recently:

The Mittani ‏ @TheMittani

http://i.imgur.com/Gg4dD.jpg 175 dreads have no need for a witty tagline. #tweetfleet#eveonline

Image links to this:

How would you feel if you were responsible for stopping that fleet?  How likely would you be to bring out the super shinys?

On the other hand when the south invaded Northern Coalition years ago they came out with posters like this:

in order to rally support of the rather notorious carebear horde that was the old NC to drive off BoB (whatever they were called that week) Atlas, -A- and god-knows-who-else (I missed the carrier move.  I’m not unhappy about that outcome.) What really made this effort so amazing was that it didn’t create a head to head clash of the titans battle.  It created a situation where the BoB coalition literally could not make people stuck in that system log in because they were trapped in a massively lagged-out system.  Probably not the most noble victory but wins and losses go in the books.  This was a huge win for NC and opened up Atlas for it’s crushing defeat as its pets were isolated and destroyed before finally the bell tolled for Atlas itself.

Additionally propaganda can commemorate specific events that transcend one corp or alliance.  Hulkageddon is a great example going on right now from THIS to THIS to THIS (my favorite but I’m slightly biased) to

My own awful contribution.  The irony of the Hulkageddon posters is they advertise an event based entirely on surprise and ambushing people.  Even funnier is that people still ARE surprised despite the heavy advertising.

Propaganda can be good, it can be bad.  The good is memorialized forever, the bad sinks quickly.  The best ever?  You’ve all seen it before.

This poster is OLD in EvE Terms.  It’s simple, it’s effective, and I strongly doubt it will ever be surpassed, this poster more than anything created the Goonswarm that exists today and has become the engine driving much of the player-generated content in EvE.

I’m using it every time I can


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  1. NoAstronomer

    Hmm, the last line on that poster could truthfully be changed to read “JOIN EVE TODAY”.

  2. Much larger and more readable version of my H5 poster here:

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