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CCP is missing something in their patch.  They’ve made a lot of good changes, especially to FW and the modules, but I strongly suspect that it will fall just a bit flat on the wardec front.  I have a big draft on this that needs a bit of editing before I inflict it upon you.


Big whiff last night on a smartbombing attack for Fancy Hats.  Failures happen but that one stung just a bit.  1.2 Trillion isk destroyed, over 3600 kills and plenty of mayhem for the longest running Hulkageddon yet.

Blizzard = Good Guys


Will be writing a lot on this move as well.  This might be one of the most awesome moves by a gaming company this year from a whole lot of standpoints  Seriously brilliant.  When I have time I will inflict my nollij on you here as well.

Fly Dangerous

I’m using it every time I can


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  1. Yeh, I think the wardec overhaul is sounding a lot like the last rushed “great idea.” Methinks not everyone at CCP got the memo after last summer’s fallout, hint – CCP SoniClover.

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