EvE Patch Day

EvE Patch Day used to be a fiasco every time.  The first patch I had to deal with was Trinity.  That was a mess.  A HUGE mess.  A “Throw Someone Out the Window” caliber mess.  From here they went to Empyrean Age which went more smoothly than Trinity not through any particularly brilliant skill, but rather from CCP having set the bar so low with Trinity that they were able to stroll over it without effort.

Quantum Rise was another one of those “Server down, Server up, server down, server up” patches, with mini-patches throughout the week, and ran VERY long to boot.  Apocrypha went very smoothly considering the scope of its content, but I still recall being very glad I had a long skill in.

For my money Dominion was the first expansion that really didn’t require the “Ok I need to have a week long skill set on patch day” mindset so common in the EvE community.  While the server came up and down like a basketball for a couple days, the patch and subsequent patches were handled well and resulted in a successful patch day.

Today I noticed that the downtime was extended a half hour, the server came up, and went right back down.  Hotfixes have become the norm, and I suspect today will see at least one or two more, with maybe a half dozen spread throughout the week.

I look forward to the new missile effects, and learning the new inventory better than I bothered with on SiSi.  I think Faction Warfare is about to explode with new faces, and old ones returning.  I also look forward to seeing wardecs continue to languish relatively useless as CCP hasn’t addressed most of the main issues facing them.  Maybe they will iterate on them.  It only took 3 or 4 years to iterate on Faction Warfare after all.

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Stopped in at home to post a resume on a corporate website, and decided to download the patch (all nearly 1 GB of it). O… M… G… the missiles, and… O…M…G… the launchers tracking the current selected target when not firing. That in itself was uber-cool. I’m now patting myself on the back for starting to train Caldari ships and the various missile skills. TOO MUCH FUN. I hated coming back to the office……….. /sadface

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