The Upper Hand is on the Other Foot Now!

As it turns out I was looking at how CCP was wrong about wardecs in entirely the wrong fashion.  I focused on it from the standpoint of someone who wanted to throw out wardecs and maybe grief some people.  I didn’t see the absolute bonanza of opportunity beating up on an entirely different class of people.

Idiot nullseccers.  Any major nullsec alliance that puts in a wardec is going to probably regret it quickly.  There will be a dozen predator corps and alliance ready to pounce on them and terrorize any ships in highsec.  Heck look at Goons and Test in Poetic’s post.  It’s easy to be a badass in deep null when you have a few dozen/hundred of your closest friends.  The guy in a freighter hauling stuff to/from jita?  Probably gonna need a heads up.  Those mission runners in Motsu and Penirgman ain’t so safe either.  Now to some extent this might be intended by the alliance heads.  Chase out the carebears that never contribute.  Fine.  Love it.  However CCP has swung the pendulum over to the defender by providing them easy access to plenty of wardec loving folks to grief the griefers.  This gives any major alliance that doesn’t have it’s strength in highsec a VERY different choice than they had a few weeks ago.  First they can  go ahead with the wardec as normal, realizing that they expose themselves to every swinging dick(head) in empire who wants a piece of them.  Second they can just wave off and ignore whatever the problem is, and third they can find someone else (or create an alt corp/alliance) to handle the issue.

Not exactly a huge adaptation, but it points to the major flaw in the new wardec system.  Throwing out a wardec is now a HUGE liability.  If you are on the hook as the aggressor you are exposed to anyone who wants to join the fun and pound you senseless.  The question is:  Who wants to be that guy?  Who wants to be the other guy scoring easy kills?  I know everyone talks about “good fights” but let’s face it, it’s fun to post 50 killmails with no losses.  Lots more fun than to post the 50 lossmails.

The marketplace is a bit of a joke, as Poetic already pointed out.  If you want help there’s plenty of people willing to throw in for free.  The only reason you’d even think to offer money would be if you had assets requiring defense, in which case you might have to actually take some steps.

Offensive wars bring with them all the liabilities with limited opportunities, thanks to no way to force a fight.  Defensive wars bring far greater opportunities with fewer chances for nasty surprises.  I don’t really have a problem with this.  Any kind of PvP should require exposing yourself to risk.  What I do wonder is why anyone would throw out a wardec, especially “professional” highsec pvpers who can simply wait for a juicy wartarget to jump in against.

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Fluffy Hyena

    This is hands down one of your best title.

  2. I can envision the creation of a new Corp Management skill which limits how many allies you can rally to your defense.

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