Hulkageddon Eternal: Defense Imperative

Yesterday the Mittani announced that Hulkageddon will last forever.  There had been rumors to this effect going for some time.  To me this represents nothing more or less than an attempt to drive the price of technetium as high as he can, not to mention reap a harvest of tears as bountiful as possible.

The response has been pretty hilarious to date.  People threatening to rage-quit, whining and bitching and moaning about how the metagame is messing with their game.  I’ve said it before, Mittens has said it very loudly recently, emergent content makes EvE unique.  Hulkageddon is one of the largest pieces of emergent content not just in EvE but likely in MMO gaming entirely.  This is a public, player created, player run, player driven event, where you are automatically paid a reward for “Killing Ten Rats” by a player entity.  

CCP is highly unlikely to nerf ganking and kill off this event.  How many games have a player-run quest system?  Seriously now.

They might nerf it a bit.  Catalysts are OP as hell with the guns they have.  Battleship level damage from a frigate is just a bit insane, however that alone wont kill Hulkageddon.  So let’s fight fire with fire.  Emergent content is the name of the game.  Hulkageddon isn’t new, neither is the counter:  Defending yourself.  Here’s a great way for a solo miner (with a hauler alt) to mine in peace as long as the Mittani keeps up the pressure:

[Rokh, Can’t Stop the (mining) Rokh]

8x Miner II

3x Limited Adaptive Invulnerability Field I
2x Large Shield Extender II
Survey Scanner II

2x Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Laser Upgrade I
Expanded Cargohold II
Co-Processor II

Large Cargohold Optimization I
Large Core Defense Field Extender I
Large Processor Overclocking Unit I

5x Warrior II

Pulls 935m3 of ore a cycle, cargo bay contains 916m3 of ore a cycle.  You actually have to pay attention.  Deal with it.  Stagger your lasers a little, enjoy the fact that anyone trying to alpha you needs to break 91,650 EHP with Caldari BS 5.  You can actually tank a little more AND get another mining laser upgrade, but that nerfs your cargo a bit.  With a hauler alt paying attention and a transfer can this ship will allow you to mine in safety at a rate of 15.59 m3 / second.  A well tanked hulk set for surviving?  With T2 crystals you get 23.92 m3 / second.  With T1 crystals you get 22.21 and with T1 lasers you get 20.50 m3/second.  Yes you lose out some productivity.  You also lose the vulnerability.

Now you have fought fire with fire.  You have met the enemies emergent content with your own, using a ship for unconventional purposes to gain yourself an advantage, yes a mining Rokh is something of an abomination, but if you are solo mining, especially in an NPC corp in highsec, what are people going to use on you?  15 or so catalysts?  More?  Harsh language?

EvE is an evolving game.  Players can evolve with it, adapt their playstyle to the circumstances, or be left behind.  If you’ve invested the time and effort to get a hulk surely you can invest time and effort to keep up with the curve, rather than just throwing a tantrum.

I’m using it every time I can


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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. I was actually brainstorming miner defense fits. A Catalyst only has 2600 HP or so.

    It’d be really easy to sit in a belt with a sensor-boosted Hurricane loaded with 720mm Howitzers and pop a Catalyst. A rupture or two might even work.

    It seems pretty obvious but I have never seen a miner do it. Instead, when they try to stop me, they plink away with an autocannon-fit Stabber or try to guess my target and park next to it with a Brutix or something.

    Dudes just don’t get pvp yet.

  2. My productivity drops so low from tanking up my hulks and providing logi support, I found it equally profitable to re-unsub 4 hulk pilot accounts and run level 4 missions again in peace. Maybe if minerals rise another 150% it will be worth risking mining again or using a Rokh.

    And this does kill Hulkaggedon. It is no longer an event. As The Mittani said, this can make miner ganking a viable long-term profession. It will just be the new norm. Once mineral stocks deplete in 6 months or so, prices will rise and justify the additional risk. As you say, evolving is the name of the game and it keeps things so interesting.

  3. … that’s always been an option. An option that’s been stated time and again and again — mining Rokh as a concept is _nothing_ new at all. But it’s not _ideal_, it’s not “max efficiency”, which as we know, EVE players are OCD-extreme min-maxers.
    Also — _real_ carebears don’t want to fight back. They don’t want to tank their ships, they don’t want to slap together shitfit failfleets go fight wardecs, etc, they simply _do not want_ to do those things, and will whine, bitch, cry, stew, and complain until those things are no longer “forced upon” them. Or [hopefully], they’ll take their $15/month and leave.

  4. My corp mined through Hulkageddon, without a single loss.

    The fact is that a properly fit and supported (ie. tanked and RR’ed) mining fleet has very little to worry about from the casual ganker.

    Sure, a Tornado gank fleet can pretty much wreck any mining fleet, but it usually isn’t worth the hassle. As a couple Goonwaffe pilots told us, there is no shortage of stupid solo miners, fitting Hulks and Macks with not much more than 5K EHP of tank. They can kill 10 times as many of those fools, in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

    We are also known for not providing much in the way of gallons of tears or pages of rages in local, since we can easily replace our ships. So, we’re not exactly the most fun carebears to blow up either.

    • My corp also continued to mine in tanked and RR’d ships. The catalysts came and left. However, that does cut my profit significantly. It was OK short-term. The peak mineral price made up for it but as they head back down, it no longer is worth the risk. I personally re-unsubbed 4 hulk miners and went back to running Lvl4 missions. When mineral prices increase again by 150% if this war on miners is successful, I’ll get back to mining as the profit will justify the risk.

      I do wonder how Helicity feels about this killing Hulkageddon. This long-term war is no longer an event, but will now be the new norm.

  5. Just a note about emergent content. The T.R.I.A.D corp of the minmatar militia has been offering player run ‘missions’ for about 3 years now. They ask you to do things like to go amarr highsec and blow up 5 miners, or wander around the warzone and kill two amarr battlecruisers. The rewards are isk, ships, and their own special ‘lp’ which can then be used in their ‘lp store’ to buy expensive faction implants etc. So, while Mittens is doing something a bit more large scale, what he’s doing is certainly not new in eve.

  6. Hevlikn Ilunar

    That Rokh fit: needs Modulated Deep Core Miner II’s on.

    [Rokh, Mining Rokh]

    8x Modulated Deep Core Miner II, (Ore) Mining Crystal II

    Survey Scanner II
    3x Limited Adaptive Invulnerability Field I
    2x Large Shield Extender II

    3x Mining Laser Upgrade II
    2x Co-Processor II

    3x Large Core Defence Field Extender I

    Each laser pulls 424m3 every 3 minutes for a total of 18.9m3/s.
    Stagger them correctly and you have should have just over 20 seconds between each laser (180 over 8) and have enough space for 200m3 of crystals; although your hauler alt can always drop them off to you

    This also has 95.5k EHP going up to 112k with a 1% CPU implant and Invuln II’s

  7. Rearden Kain

    Mabrik did a good hulk and orca fit on his blog:
    The Hulk has almost 30k EHP and the Orca has almost 250k EHP. The reason you can use them is because to fit a ship to gank them seriously eats into a gankers profits and like some stated earlier there are much easier targets around.

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