Let’s Take it From the Top

Winning a war in EvE happens most often because one thing happens.  One side breaks and stops fighting.  It may look different in different areas, wormholes becoming abandoned, highsec entities evaporating in the solar wind, lowsec alliances shattering, nullsec evacuation parties complete with sexy freighter ganks.

What has evolved more than a little is the means of bringing about this final collapse, what causes the breaking point to be passed.  Traditionally it’s taken either crushing defeats, where an alliances will to fight is shattered, like the battle of D-GTMI; or the more subtle ennui where a combination of factors has decayed an entities ability to the point where it collapses as much under its own weight as under the guns of its’ foes.

These two are also very much in evidence in real-life warfare.  Either a climactic battle that breaks the power of one struggle, or a slow grind into oblivion.  Recently we’ve seen a new strategy emerge.  Decapitation.  The U.S. has engaged in drone strikes against suspected Al Qaeda leaders.  I’m not qualified to comment on the legality and it would probably be unwise for me to comment on the morality of the strikes.  I don’t think the effectiveness is too easily measured at this point, but it can’t have a good effect on the Al Qaeda leadership network to constantly have to replace top-echelon leaders.

These kind of strikes work best under a few circumstances.  First you have to be able to target people effectively, identifying people, their locations.  Second you have to be able to get assets into position to make a strike.  Third you have to consider yourself more or less immune to these kinds of strikes yourself.

Let’s go back to EvE shall we?  What often causes problems in an entity is a leadership crisis.  Leadership folks that cannot act effectively for whatever reason completely destabilizes the entity they lead.  One line you will see over and over on EN24 when talking about failcascades is “Leadership seemed uninterested and disconnected,”  or “Events were disorganized as leadership could not seem to handle the situation.”  Leadership crises often cause massive problems up and down an alliance’s power structure.

Now on to The Mittani.  If there has been a message he has brought to EvE for the last few months it has been “Wherever you are, we can find you,” and he’s made it clear his enemies are indeed vulnerable.  Now let’s talk about who his enemies are.  Goons are as much a playstyle as an alliance, and their enemies are as much metagame foes as they are in-game foes.  His Ministry of Love has been formed to fight this war.  Just as the US uses drones and special forces to hunt an enemy that no longer meets them in the field, Goons are using Miniluv to deal (in)justice to their foes from the forums.  Forum-whiners, Bloggers, Podcasters, anyone who doesn’t fit the message they bring is a target.  Screaming whining entitled forum bitch?  Probably making the list.  CSM rep preaching against the message?  On the list.  Talking about the “Chin-Pussy” hope your alts are unknown to Goons.

Goons have to have an enemy.  They are a chaotic whirlwind of emotion, and they crave enemies to fight to justify their feeling of persecution.  There really isn’t a good enemy to fight outside of -A- & co right now, and CFC leadership wants to milk tech for all it’s worth, so they are chasing ideological enemies.  Of course their ideological enemies aren’t in nullsec at the moment, so Miniluv was born.  To carry out leadership strikes in this war against their enemies who don’t hold space.  How will they fight?  Wardecs if they are bored, or the target is exceptionally weak.  Infiltration/Awoxing for some, and ganks for others.  Wardecs would be the old school, armies grinding nations to dust.  Ganks are the drone strikes, and Infiltration would be the viral attacks on Iran that absolutely positively didn’t come from anyone we know about.

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. You forgot the other reason alliances fall and that is boredom leading to apathy. Gamerchick had a good post about how boredom breeds drama and that you need to give people things to do to keep them from getting bored.

    Mittani is a master of herding cats. The man is looking to be put in magazine articles on management theory. I expect to see him used in MBA training in a few years. He keeps an organization of 9000 characters busy in a way that they enjoy. He understands people.

    Unlike other alliances that have fallen or are out there, you never hear about goon RMT in leadership though some goons do do it. Think of the time it takes to coordinate such a large alliance and I think you can see why a lot of alliances are headed by Russian RMTers and one by a retired lawyer.

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