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People in EvE want to draw a line and stick people on one side or the other.  I’m not a good supporter, I might be a goon apologist.  If I am it’s because I think I recognize the real “why” behind their leadership decisions.  The clock is ticking.  Goonswarm will fall (again) one day, and possibly sooner than we think.  No really!  If I’d told you on New Years Day 2009 that BoB was dead you’d have laughed me out of the room and asked how I knew that all the way in Iraq.  If I told you on New Years Day 2010 that Atlas was doomed you’d have shaken your head.  If I’d had the gall to suggest in 2011 that NC was a staggering wreck ready to collapse under it’s own weight you’d unsubscribe from my blog.  Alliances fall, and Goonswarm leadership knows this better than anyone.  Heck Mittens himself could write a pretty entertaining book on how to collapse an alliance, and probably has between all he’s written for EvE.  I know I’d buy that for a dollar.

Goonswarm is a little different than the above superpowers, when Goonswarm falls (again) it won’t be a shattering collapse like BoB or NC, but instead a crash like -A- or RA or even UK, part of a cycle where they will rebound around a shared sense of community.  I imagine they like to think they’ll rebound as high as they have gotten, but their leadership also knows it’s far from guaranteed.  Whether they fall because of internal divisions, apathy, or some upstart alliance just thwacking them in the face, raising themselves to the heights of power they have now would be a masterful effort, and one they might not be capable of achieving.

So the clock is ticking, it might be imminent, it might not.  It’s still time to make hay; and make hay they have.  So far they’ve supported Hulkageddon to the tune of an incredible profit.  Assuming tech is still around 70% of a hulk’s build cost and goons directly control even as little as 20% of the tech in EvE (and I think it’s a far, FAR larger percentage of the total) and that a Hulk costs 250 million to build, you are looking at 33 million in goon’s wallets on average for each hulk built.  Subtract 10 mill for bounties and who gives a fuck goons got richer.  In order to make this work they built an API app that reads kills on their killboard, and for every 10 exhumers you have killed sends you 100 million isk.  I know I’ve said it before but it bears repeating:  Goons have created a “Kill 10 rats” quest in EvE, that people are doing in droves.

In addition Goons are taking their war in the metagame to an overt level.  They have turned it from a war of mudslinging, infiltration and harassment to outright assaults, and they could make it even better.  They could institute a bounty system.  For every 10 kills of the target, be it a player, a corporation, or an alliance, payouts will happen.  I bet they could even set a floor value to the kills.  Part of me is surprised it hasn’t already happened.

Goonswarm knows roughly what one timer is on the clock.  Their hold on Tech is about to be broken by GM intervention.  They know the mechanic is broken, and that it’s been broken before and fixed before.  They know OTEC will last about one one millionth of a second after CCP changes the rules, then the rush will be on.

Goonswarm knows that they fight a constant battle against ennui, both leader and player, and that one day key leaders or players just might not be there.  This gives them both reason to innovate new ideas and to burn their stash before ennui can set it.

Goonswarm knows that empires fall, and their leaders want to have as memorable a ride as possible.  They will act with this in mind.

I don’t particularly like what the goons are doing with MiniLuv, but I admire it.  Only in EvE could this happen, any other game would be banning people left, right and center for the actions taken around MiniLuv.  Here it might not be celebrated, but at least it can be recognized.  Goonswarm’s clock is ticking, and they plan to empty the magazine before they run out of time.

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. “For every 10 kills of the target, be it a player, a corporation, or an alliance, payouts will happen. I bet they could even set a floor value to the kills.”

    That would cross the line. Tightropes are more fun if you don’t fall off.

    • You can use the EvE Forums to hire people to make a wardec, this is just removing a step.

    • Why would setting up a bounty such as for every 10 kills get a pay out, be crossing a line?

      If a corp/alliance sees value in doing it, then so let it be done. After all, there is no such a thing as illegitimate griefing in EVE.

  2. Bounties are already an in-game feature.

    “You can kill in EVE, but killboards? That’s crossing a line.”

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