Purple Kool-Aid

So about the only flavor of Kool-Aid I ever liked was Purple.  I’m a picky person.  I’m sure this will surprise about 0 people that regularly tune into my blog.  CCP likes to mix a lot of flavors of Kool Aid and rarely do they manage to find the Purple.  That being said every once in a while they really hit a home run.  Crucible was a good example.  Even though it had a million flavors there was a lot of Purple in it.


Tiericide looks like a LOT of Purple.  We all like new ships.  I tend to let CCP stretch the definition.  The redone tier-1 and tier-2 ships might as well BE new ships.  When’s the last time anyone used a Heron?  How about an Atron?  A Burst?  I have a lolfit Breacher.  The cruisers are even more delineated.  Quick tell me the tier-1 Gallente Cruiser.  I bet you haven’t seen it undocked in years.  I bet NONE of you would have gotten it right before they did tier-1 Navy cruisers.

Tiericide will give us uses for all the ships that you haven’t seen undocked in years.  From the Bellicose to the Vigil ships are getting a look and a “balance pass” that will give all of them some role in the new paradigm of Combat (Line of Battle ships) Attack (think Tier 3 BCs) Bombardment (reach out and touch someone) and Support (fucking Falcons…) Now I don’t think they’ll get it all right.  When has CCP ever made it through a patch without some minor mishap, or even major oversight, but creating a system where every ship has its proponents and reasons to own and undock it sounds like a lot of fun to me.  Imagine kiting Bellicoses zooming around and engaging Ruptures on equal footing.  Ospreys being more than can flip victims, and Augorors being used for more than a component in a Guardian.

Frankly this is a good thing.  Having 2/3 or more of the ships in EvE tied up as unproductive hangar queens flown only by the grossly uninformed is pretty wasteful.  In fact it’s downright sad.  By doing this CCP is giving us back a lot of the work they’ve previously wasted.  Now all those Feroxes and Exequrors and Scythes that haven’t seen the vacuum of space in 3 years can roam free.  And I can sip my purple Kool Aid.  Oh yeah.

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Had to think for 5 minutes and then just googled to find out about the Exequror and Celestis. I knew about teh Exequror from the Navy version but totally forgot that those recon ships must have had a t1 counterpart.
    I could name all Caldari cruisers even if the Moa only because of the complaints about it.
    Amarr/Minmatar were no problem. I love the Bellicose, one day I will make acually fit one and undock.

  2. As someone who has got quite a few PVP kills in an exequror (and even more in a ferox) I defy your suggestion that they’re nothing but unproductive hangar queens – they’re also occasionally good for fishing gangs of frigates to their doom!

    Seriously though, I love the way ship balancing is heading and I’m really looking forward to putting the ‘new’ ships through their paces. I’ve never liked the fact that each race really only has one or two serious PVP ships in each class – it’s made PVP a fairly predictable game of rock paper scissors in many cases. By effectively doubling the number of viable combat ships, the state of play should be shaken up considerably.

    The downside is that I’m going to need to rewrite half of my blog, but at least it’ll keep me busy!

  3. The best thing about this post is that it pushes down that photo of a giant baboon ass down the page. Seriously, dude, I’m going to have nightmares about that one.

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