Wai So Seryus?

In my time in EvE I’ve seen a lot of people who played the game with an intensity and drive that beggars the imagination.  Some people simply don’t seem to get that EvE is a game!  While it certainly has more serious repercussions than other MMOs it is a game.  Earlier this month I sent Poetic Stanziel an EvE-mail that perhaps could have been better phrased.  Fortunately Poetic took it in the manner it was intended saving both of us unnecessary EvE-drama.

EvE tends to draw people in, and brings with it heightened emotions and occasionally a lot of stress.  Lots of people play games to relax, and sometimes EvE has the opposite effect, this can cause them to go mad, and do things they really shouldn’t.  For example over at Sovereignty Wars a while back someone flips his shit after getting booted from a chat channel (for flipping his shit) says some genuinely mean and possibly unforgivable things, and then gets creepy.  I actually made a list of things you could do in-game to deserve having someone wish cancer on you.  Ready for it?

What did you think?    Way to show your ass.  To someone you knew would put it out there for everyone.

Don’t be this guy

I’ve had RL friends explode at me and refuse to talk to me over in-game stuff.  I’ve had threats against my person both in and out of game.  Some have been “Dumb” enough to be petitionable, in fact back when I can-flipped (can miners for some reason got angrier faster than anyone in EvE) I considered the trifecta flip a can, kill their ship, and get tears angry enough to be able to petition the person.  That made for some fun days, especially when people disappeared for two weeks after the tears stopped.  I’ve been angry myself at in-game events, both meta game and actually in-game.  I tend to walk away.  It’s just not worth it.

EvE is fun, EvE is boring.  EvE is intense, EvE is so dull you cannot fathom why you log in some days.  EvE is what you make of it, and if you take it seriously and let it run your emotions it will tear you up.  It’s a game, play it like one.

I’m using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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