Getting the Word Out

With the advent of the internet, social media, and the ability of people to pass information faster and faster media campaigns have to be re-thought.  I’ve seen endless versions of the trailer for The Hobbit that seem completely wasteful.  You could start in late November, run an ad maybe 20 times and pack theaters.  Here’s the only ad you need.

Black Screen

*Knock Knock*

Round door opens, revealing a tall man, cloaked in grey with a long beard, blue hat and  a staff

“I’d Like you to come on an adventure”

Black Screen

December 13, 2012

ten seconds of air time and the theaters would be packed for days.

Want to turn heads announcing MWO at a convention?  Here’s your 30 seconds spot

Black Screen

Disembodied Voice

Reactor: Online

Sensors: Online

Weapon Systems: Online

All Systems:  Nominal

Wait 20 seconds while everyone in the room sprints to your booth.  Have medics on hand to deal with the injuries.

What do these two bits have going for them?  Iconic characters or a sequence that is so memorable that it brings your attention to the fore.  EvE needs these things like a fat kid needs to go for a jog.  Iconic character in EvE.  Has to be an NPC, God help you if you pick Chribba and the guy that plays him goes on a killing spree.  You want to make this guy the face of your game?  Mittens?  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… *gasp* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAaaaaa….

Ok now that THAT is out of my system.  Let’s talk about PCs.  I’ve been thinking about this since I started this post.  Jamyl Sarum, Tibus Heath, Sansha Kuvakei, President Foitorien and I bet I spelled the last two wrong.  I don’t really think any of them would make a great “Face of EvE” maybe we can use this woman.  Maybe we can never speak of her again.  Maybe we should find an iconic sequence or soundbyte.  And yes, EvE has sound.

The rumbling hum of a mining laser?

Aura Laughing at you after you get podded?

The targeting sound?

None of those gets my heart beating.  Well unless I’m on an alt with auto-target on and I’m in a hauler, then the targeting sound gets my attention FAST.  Other than that?  Cricket’s chirping?  EvE lacks an iconic character because there’s no real characters or story set by the company.  It lacks an iconic experience because I bet there’s dozens who will read this blog who don’t know Aura laughs at you when you get podded, or what a mining laser sounds like, or even that EvE has sound.  People have short attention spans, a 3 minute trailer is too long.  1 minute is probably too long.  To get good exposure you need to get it out in 10 seconds.  I can’t do that about EvE. I can tell you LotR is coming, or Mechwarrior is coming.  EvE is great, but until EvE gets iconic EvE will struggle.  CCP can’t sell the game too well as long as the universal EvE experience is getting fucked over.

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Actually, you got Sansha Kuvakei right – but it’s Tibus Heth, not Heath.

  2. I think the Butterfly Effect trailer would work well.

  3. I wonder if the original Mechwarrior 2 developers had any idea that the startup sequence would become such a memorable part of that game. It’s too bad that the undock sequence doesn’t have some kind of audible sequence.

  4. I helped the miner… moar ‘n once actually.. so there… =P

  5. well, they almost had a “Galactic Empire vs Rebel Alliance” situation in the Goon-Jade “foreverwar”, but yeah… I guess Mittens was getting a little deep-voiced and asthmatic-sounding, and Jade was a little too “Tattoine farmer turned mystical space-knight” for CCP’s liking.
    Or maybe they were just worried Lucas would sue. *shrug*

  6. Black Screen
    Disembodied Voice
    “The capacitor is empty.”

  7. I always thought the ship images were the iconic part of Eve. Merlin, Rifter, Armageddon, Raven, etc.

    • KK The problem with them is that a ship isn’t a “face” in the way that a character is a “face” Prince Arthas has been the hero and villain of WoW for a time, same with Thrall. You can even put up generic characters, or if you have the right IP you can put a Mad Cat up and watch all the people yell IT’S A TIMBERWOLF NOOB!

      If you don’t have that base these days, it’s hard to get it with a golden dildo.

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