Swiss Army Spaceship

There’s a kind of EFT warrior that is obsessed with creating the perfect ship.  A ship that can do it all.  A ship for all seasons.  They want their solopwnmobile and they don’t care what conventions they have to break to create it.  These ships usually end up being monstrously bad, because EvE is not a game designed for the solopwnmobile concept to work terribly well.

Most ships can only do a maximum of two tasks to any great extent.  Some advanced ships can do three.  Most of the time a ship is limited to doing one or two tasks very well and handling other tasks acceptably.  For example a drake can tank a LOT, it can do some damage, and it point an enemy, but it lacks the agility to really tackle something that wants to get away.  Want to tackle better?  Sure you can dual web and nano fit it, but now your tank stinks and your DPS has probably dropped to pretty low levels and you find you are better off using a different ship rather than adding a task.

There’s a few ships that manage to handle lots of tasks at once rather well.  Most of them are drone boats like the Curse and the ubiquitous Dominix.  Other ships that manage well are ships with defensive and offensive bonuses and a ton of slots, like the Drake.  However there’s always limits.  Each ship can only do so much.  To gain capability in one task, you have to give it up in another.  If you ever want to see the results of people trying to do too much, just look at the killboards, these ships end up lossmails in PvP because they just can’t handle in-game what the player sitting at the keyboard is demanding of them.

Every EvE ship is like a Swiss Army Knife.  There’s the “Useful” ones, that have the ability to do a couple of things, and still fit in your hand, then then there’s this thing.

It’s an active-shield, armor-buffer, fast-tackle, sniping Rokh. What?

Don’t ask your ship to do too much.  Ask your FRIENDS to do too much, and fly dangerous.

I’m using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. You’re back! I was in Caldari space the other day hoping to kill you. But you’ve been AWOL.

  2. Weren’t the strategic cruisers suppose to be swiss army knife ships? As in you bought one hull and then could swap fittings according to the role.

    • They can, but they have to dock up and refit to do it. I’m talking about fitting a ship to try to do everything.

      • Once again Wilhem Arcturus is proven right: metaphors always lead to confusion =)

        And I agree with you, a fit to fill all roles when playing solo is just impossible in Eve (which is fine by me). I guess the ones trying it have a bad case of focusing too much on their tools and not enough on how they’ll use it.

  3. It may sound trite, but “fit the ship for the mission” carries over from missioning to PVP roams, patrols, and brawls as well – something like an Enyo, for example, can do long-range patrols, heavy tackle, and slug it out with just about any BC short of a triple-rep Myrmidon or a brick-tank Drake, but it can’t do all of them at once – pick two, pretty much, and maybe have a second hull docked up ready if you need to switch roles quickly.

    (Although unlike with missioning, you’re always left guessing as to what you’re facing until the shots start flying. And the rats are seldom unpredictable.)

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