Bring a Brick

Faction Warfare fights tend to be fast and furious.  The number of kills, the amount of fighting and the chaotic nature of the fighting leads to lots and lots of pew pew, and plenty of ships get blown up on both sides.  There’s a lot of folks who end up losing ships all the time and quitting the PvP side, just farming LP and waiting for dump days.  Let’s look at what happened in this fight:

A small fight, nothing crazy atypical.  Let’s do a breakdown by ships that are heavily biased towards DPS, and ships that are heavily biased towards tank.

All the T3s are DPS focused, ditto for both BS, the brutixes, and the stealth bombers.  I’ll also lump in the Harbingers and Hurricanes as they tend to be more ganky, especially in shield fleets.

Drakes and Feroxes are the main “tanked” ships.

Of the DPS types?  22 got in the fight, 12 got pasted.  Of the tanky types?  15 engaged, 1 got killed.  I didn’t even cherry pick a fight.  I didn’t have to, in the absence of a solid fleet doctrine the need to live and keep producing DPS outweighs the need for an increase in damage that won’t be mirrored across the fleet.  Bringing 30 or so Tornadoes?  Ok that’s enough damage and agility that you can think about facing off toe to toe with people, bringing 3 with 25 Drakes?  That’s 3 easy kills.  If you see people posting ship types and the first words you think are “Kitchen Sink” you really should bring a brick.  Something with a lot of tank that won’t draw the other FC’s attention as something he can kill quick and get some DPS off the field.

Most FW fights aren’t to the death.  Fleets warp out and no one spreads points too well.  Fleets are often mish-mashes and rather unorganized.  Several times one of my pilots has reported being primaried but not pointed.  These days it’s really easy to tell if you are pointed, if the bars start crashing and you don’t see that icon?  Warp the fuck out.  Unless you are tackling something big you can get out, get yourself back together and get back in the fight.  You aren’t doing any good giving up a killmail to people too dumb to keep you tackled just so you can stay on grid for one or two more cycles of guns.

Fly smart and bring your ship back.  If you aren’t replacing ships as much you are joining more fleets and probably having more fun, all the same when you DO lose a ship, you will be in a better place to have a replacement ready, so don’t sweat it too much, learn from the experience, don’t repeat mistakes and have fun.

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Turns out it is better to live to fight another day then.

  2. Having not been at the fight I can’t say how the fight proceeded in range or warp in’s, however, looking at the killlmail I see the DPS fleet was about 50% cruisers and down as opposed to all but 2 BC’s.
    I also see how the “tank” setup looks like a nano/range setup as opposed to mostly short range DPS. My guess is that if all parties stayed within 5000 meters there would have been quite a few more losses on the “tank” side.
    From this, I would say it’s unfair to simply say tank beats gank… at least in this fight. 🙂

    • Actually we jumped into them and a good part of the fight was at fairly close range. Both fleets were quite kitchen sink in composition. The advantage of being in bricks was that when kitchen sink fleets meet bricks tend to get shot last, as sledgehammers are far more attractive targets.

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