Breaking News: Corelin Logs In!

So as you might have noticed from my last post, we got to asked for help by Apex Bex, an old friend dating way back to my noobish carebear days.  Of course I choose to come, even though my account is likely to drop fairly soon (RL job hunt took a few months to long) and while I will be back on, and will keep up blogging, general depression / EvE ennui has more or less limited my time in EvE.

It’s always nice when folks hand you an opportunity to go in and shoot big stuff.  So I move to Mai, with a Domi and a Zealot, and wait.  Shenanigans take place on comms, then Sev pushes the timetable up and the non Sev FC kicks off the ball with small stuff.  A loki is popped as are several smaller ships.  Much skirmishing takes place and the expected caps are dropped.  MASSIVE firefight.  LOTS of pewpews.  My Domi shoots its guns dry (kids always check to make sure you brought ammo BEFORE you travel 6 jumps) but I have drones, a TD, and a point, my ship is fully insured and its a freaking gank Domi.  Who cares if it dies.

At this point comms starts blowing up.

Local starts blowing up.

Apparently we had 2 “blue” fleets who consisted largely of people not blue to each other.  In fact we had some militia folks from both factions wandering around and I’m pretty sure that they were in both fleets.  Our side was split between two fleets adding even more confusion, and blues weren’t coordinated beforehand.  Result?  Well Volition Cult DIDN’T shoot me down, though I was tackled for a while.  Plenty of folks reported being shot at or even shot down by blues, although the losses haven’t made the killboards yet, and you could see clouds of jamming drones and hear reports of jamming over voice between blues.

Personally I had fun.  I helped out a friend (some, the POS got destroyed but the POCOs didn’t) and jumped in on a bunch of easy capship killmails and saw a “Learning Experience” for a lot of people.  ZGG has friends, and they aren’t afraid to bring them in.  They wouldn’t be enough to hold out against PL, or TEST or the AAA-class alliances, but a bit player that comes knocking will find that their Rolodex has a lot of people filed under P for PAIN.  Xx Space Odyssee xX just learned that gathering intel saves ships.  This has happened to Apex before, and likely will happen again.  On the “friendly” side, either make sure all blues are actually set, or do it right and get everyone in one big fleet.  Ideally the latter.  That way if there’s friendly fire you know someone is a tool who can’t set up his overview.

Note:  So far there’s no “Bluefire” kills on but there was a lot of close calls, and a lot of jamming going around.

I’m using it every time I can


About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Bex is most grateful. 🙂

  2. Good luck for the job hunt! Go full gank on them 🙂

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