The Great Hedge

So TEST is striking out on its own.  Kind of.  With “Mother Goon” watching over it’s shoulder at a remove, but certainly not unreachable.  TEST is moving to Period Basis and working to make the “Honey Badger” coalition a viable bloc.  Oh and coincidentally Goons have a propaganda post talking about TEST growing up, spreading their wings and doing their own thing, making it all happy-happy nothing more than an Alliance that is/was part of the nastiest bloc in EvE currently taking over PB as well as holding the line in Fountain.

So TEST is now the biggest landholder in EvE, and has an empire built on Tech, but now also holds Delve and Period Basis.  Oh and doubling the number of R64 moons.  Wherever the crunch is post tech, count on TEST to be a big player in the market.  In fact, in the post-tech world they likely will have more income than goons on straight moon goo.  Goons are still helping TEST get in and get settled in Delve / Period Basis and while they may not have anything staged there I’m sure that if what’s left of the Russians combines with -A- and comes knocking the swarm will show.  Goons even allude to such possibilities in their “We are just friends now” speech.

This is what’s called hedging your bets.  Between the regions controlled by Goons and TEST even without the massive number of Tech moons there’s a lot of mud to sling on the markets for the Coalition Formerly Known as Dek-Co.  if they succeed “independent” of each other, they can collude on the market, not as much as OTEC let them, but certainly enough to make them even MOAR isk and certainly enough to insulate them from the market shocks inevitable in the post-tech world.  This move gives TEST room to grow and lets Goons operate in a way they can perceive as more self-interested, it doesn’t CHANGE anything though.  TEST are still bros with Goons, Goons are still the first thing on the TEST ohshit call list.  Perceptions MIGHT change, but the reality is both sides are spreading out a bit into areas they feel will be more lucrative than Deklein in the post-tech world.

I’m using it every time I can


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