Lebensraum pt 1


  1. Jewish people of a certain bent love to make fun of WWII
  2. There’s no “frontier” in EvE anymore

Every blogger has a different take on just what the root cause is.  Some even argue for a different term than stagnation.  I’m going to call it stagnation for simplicity’s sake, and move on to defining it precisely within the confines of EvE online.  What has caused the rather boring summer of EvE stems from a couple different things, first Isk has gotten less valuable, and ships much more.  People are afraid to risk ships they’d have casually thrown away a few months ago.  Alliance leaders are recognizing that their defining characteristic is their players, and not an area of space or a station, and rather than dying repeatedly in pointless battles they decline to fight and simply move off, allowing the “victors” in a war to first “win” much earlier in a conflict than they might expect, and second to do so in a far less painful way.  Most of the huge territorial wars this year have been more like territorial transfers, rather like 17th and 18th century warfare where one or two sharp battles and tons of maneuvering decided a campaign, as armies were more valuable than the territory that could change hands.  Evacuations have become the norm, rather than apocalyptic battles.

This phenomenon isn’t just seen in nullsec either.  Look in faction warfare where carebearing and planning LP dumps dominates much of the discussion and PvP roams have to be organized with an eye towards sustainability, keeping things cheap and efficient enough to get people to keep X-ing up.  Faction warfare has ceased to be about the warfare because of the insane profitability of it.  Even without the exploitative behavior demonstrated by Goonswarm’s band of… whatever, there is plenty of money to be made in FW and that has attracted plenty of people who’s goal it is to purely make money.  Now occasionally a fleet will roll into these guys and stomp them, and occasionally PvPers stop to make money, but usually it’s just the PvPers shooting people.

Wormhole place still sees some last stands, and I think it stems from a few reasons.  First you can be totally fubbled into a wormhole, even trapped within your home POS.  2nd wormhole infrastructure usually represents a huge investment for the people inhabiting it, monetarily, time-wise and often their very identity is tied in with their space.  These things just don’t happen in nullsec anymore, nor in lowsec.  Without the pragmatism that comes from being able to give up space you hand an advantage to your foes, letting them break you over territory that is worth less than the people in your organisation.

So invasions don’t result in fighting.  Faction Warfare doesn’t result in fighting, and the big coalitions are on speaking terms with most of each other because the space is balanced against the power structure of the alliances holding it.  For the moment, Fozzie notwithstanding, the alliances that have Tech have it because they have a solid combat advantage over others who want it, this advantage is multiplied by the filthy lucre that results from having tech creating a pretty stable situation in the northwest.  The rest of the space is held, or abandoned more or less freely depending on the power of the inhabitants because it is worth less than the pilots it would take to fight over it.  Supercaps aren’t being traded like playing cards, and it seems like there’s a holding pattern as alliances build their warchest to see what will be valuable when the inevitable “big” tech nerf hits.

That’s why I think “interesting” wars aren’t happening.  Yes a lot of territory has changed hands, but “We didn’t want that territory as much as we wanted to continue our existence as an alliance” is actually pretty true in the current paradigm.  There really are things more valuable than space, and the near future is more interesting than the present.  Tomorrow I’ll talk about how I’d *love* to see it solved, assuming CCP wants to go back to “Jesus Feature” expansions.  (Here’s a hint, look at the title)

I’m using it every time I can


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  1. “So invasions don’t result in fighting. Faction Warfare doesn’t result in fighting,” <– I may be off-base here, but….wasn't Inferno "all about fighting, bringing 'total war' to all corners of EVE" or some shit like that?
    Just askin…

  2. Good, thoughtful post.

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