Lebensraum Pt 2 – The First Solution

Two things are required for EvE players to get involved in something.  It has to be neat, it has to be profitable.

Not exactly rocket surgery, nor groundbreaking, but good to get out of the way.  My idea for solving the stagnation of EvE revolves around an old idea of CCP Abathur’s.  Going where no one has gone before.  Exploring new systems beyond the normal EvE galaxy.  Here’s the way I see it happening.  An anchor ship makes a “Focused Jump” to a star beyond the EvE galaxy.  It sets up a beacon allowing other ships to jump in, bringing with them what they will need to set up a base camp, which will evolve until they can choose to build a stargate, of course where the other end will go could be VERY interesting.  This will require new ships.  Tech 2 ships.  CAPITOL Tech 2 ships (something I’ve wanted for a long time.)

NEW SHIPS! (and not just reskins CCP *glare*)

  • Dreadnoughts will become Explorer ships, their huge hulls crammed with the machinery required to jump beyond the stars without a beacon.  They will retain their defensive power, but their offense will be much much weaker.  In addition they can plant a beacon that other Tech 2 caps can jump to.  The cost might be a bit higher as well.
  • Carriers will become Jump Carriers, they can jump to a Explorer AND they can “carry” a number of capsuleer-piloted ships with them.  In other words they act as a 1-time jump bridge, bringing everything with them when they go.  They retain their triage ability, but lose their drone/fighter bays, replacing them with the equipment needed to warp a huge area of space around them to jump a fleet.
  • Motherships return as the Tech 2 supercarriers.  They will offer jump clone services, MAMMOTH ship storage, ship repair, and many other station facilities, defenses will be very tough, but they lose the drone bays.
  • Titans become the e-peen of industrial ships.  Gate Construction Vessels, the final piece of the puzzle that will take a newly discovered system from a rough outpost to a connected part of the network.

Ok 4 new shiptypes is neat.  They don’t even have to be tech 2 caps, although I think it would breathe new life into them as they seem to be pretty mature shiptypes as-is.  Also I like the idea of CCP scrambling to find a good way to build T2 supers.

Why would we do this?

Well first off I’m going to go with money.  Stations can be built out there as in Null, but more like empire stations, with huge numbers of mfg and research slots.  If you want to build more than one in a system go ahead and do it.  Resources will be present as well, PI, Moon mud, Minerals, Rings (whatever those end up being) and the systems will likely start at -1.0 sec status and go down from there.

Control.  Those T2 cap ships?  They aren’t just building gates.  They are building sentry guns, they are building defensive beacons, all the stuff null-seccers have been wishing for for years.

Challenge.  It’s not all Steak and Beer out there.  Warpable beacons will be rarer, having to be built in the first place, which is a double-edged sword as someone else could be building a base in the same system you are.  Expect some real WWII type sub hunts to make Wormhole space look tame.

Wait why does the system sec matter?

Because the rats out here are going to be total rat-bastards.  All this stuff you are building will need to be defended from attacks.  I’ll leave it to CCP to figure out what and why they are there, although super rogue drones (including rat caps) incursion-style sites with new forms of deadspace loot (no bounties out this far)

What kind of upkeep will this require?

Well the good news is since you aren’t GETTING money from CONCORD you don’t have to pay the bastards either.  No sov bills.  You will have to defend your structures from rat attacks, that means living in the space you are theoretically living in anyway, and there would be fuel requirements as well, but all fuels would be available in most systems.

How will I get home?

I’m betting lowsec is FILLED with smuggler stargates that could be reactivated by enterprising explorers.  Imagine if suddenly Nasesharafa  was a gateway to a system of unimaginable riches, instead of just Tirbam.  The gates you build will show you a general region they exit in, so you might know “Ok we’ll end up in Tash-Murkon.” but only by pressing butan will you know where in T-M you end up.

How does this cure stagnation?

Well first there will be plenty of conflict, both intentional and unintentional.  With it being hard to see who is doing what in your system without constant scanning ambushes and new fronts will be far more common than in the static regions of nullsec.  All of the structures in this new area should be destructible to some extent.  Especially stargates, but even stations should be at least vulnerable to being temporarily disabled by damage.

Second it will give a jolt to players, sending them out among unfamiliar stars and creating and building empires from scratch.  Strategy in EvE will have to be rebuilt from the ground up.  Planning a campaign will require new shiptypes, and phased campaigns where gaining a lodgement in a group of enemy systems, and then defending it becomes critical.  Chokepoint systems could change with one new stargate being built, routes could shift overnight, things that FCs take for granted today would be shifting constantly, scouts would have to scout not only for new enemy fleets but new enemy stargates threatening flanks.

I think this would shake up EvE almost enough to call it EvE 2.0 I think this would be amazing, and would shake the power structure of the current game on enough levels to break the problem of stagnation for a long time.

I’m using it every time I can


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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. The eve universe is already pretty big. WHs are still basically empty and combat free. You see fights every other week which is not the sort of action-packed game experience anyone but vets like. Is there enough player population to support another few hundred systems like this?

  2. Something you’ve assumed but did not explicitly mention, the new systems would not have immediate local channel.

    Being able to build all the empire infrastructure begs an awkward question of CCP: Why have no NPC organizations build any sort of infrastructure (save faction warfare stations, black rise, and jita detour gates) in an entire decade?

  3. You do know this does nothing to fix the stagnation? It would still be just the big boys involved because of A) the cost of building capitals and B) the cost of building t2 capitals. T2 production means that these ships are going to cost at least 10 times as much as the base ships.

  4. I personally do not believe that we should be able to cyno in stuff. Ships should be flown in the hard way taking time energy and (probably) expense. That or build the ships out there. Otherwise any alliance could curb stomp any mom and pop frontier expedition as soon as it is found.

    It should be as least as isolating as wormholes IMHO. Those that want to take the risks should have a fighting chance at the rewards.

  5. I’ve always thought it would be cool to build/destroy stargates in low/null. Then again I’m the guy who thinks FW should be able to take enemy hisec systems (granted should be VERY difficult, but ultimately doable), but also think that the pirate factions and DED should be playable as well.

    As for the rest, I honestly think the “easier” fix would be Jester’s idea of moving from “structure-shooting” sov to an “occupancy”-based sov system. Or perhaps do away with the idea of “sov” entirely in favor of “if you can hold it, you can keep it,” and leave it up to the player alliances and corps to “take” and “hold” systems purely by force of arms and guile. You don’t dare over-reach, or you may find yourself spread too thin to defend your territory, and defend it you must, actively, or someone else will push you out and move in.

  6. I like the direction your idea is taking: between sov null (less infrastructure to start with) and WH (less random connection to other systems). But adding new systems to Eve, when there are already a lot of empty space, seems to be a drawback to me.
    Maybe combining your idea with Jester’s idea (“take and hold”) would be a better solution: an Event of some sort could turn part of sov null into this new kind of systems, starting from the edges and gnawing away sov null systems? Stargate would fail, station would slowly disintegrate, local chat would become like WH, etc. And there could be hints of the Jovians being behind this: ” have the Jovians decided that the capsuleers have gone too far and need to be kept in check, or have the Jovians lost control of their mighty technology?”.

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