Who Authorized This Crap?

So, I’m looking over the reports from 49-U6U and I spot a familiar face in the crowd:  https://a-killed.me/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=779571

No, not the pilot, never heard of that guy.  It’s the ship!  And old-skool snipah Rokh!  With Javelin (That’s the close-range ammo, don’t even PRETEND you knew it) it gets an excellent 498 DPS!  A whopping 2850 Alpha (against a target with a signature of 400m or larger most Tengus are a bit smaller than that except under MWD of course) but at least they make up for it with miserable tracking.  Now it can soak 140k ehp with good resistances, and you can see that -A- had to bounce targets back and forth quite a bit to score kills against what I presume to be higher SP toons, who got the full resist bonus available to the Rokh.

This ship is a dinosaur.  I flew it myself back in the days when AOE Doomsdays were the bane of entire fleets.  There is no benefit to flying it against any of the major fleet doctrines you see running around, be it drakefleets (cheaper, more maneuverable, more cap friendly, lower SP requirements) Tengufleets (ask -A- about them) alpha Maels (You can’t rep wrecks) or even the fleets that, you know, replaced sniper fleets as soon as the AOE doomsday went away, things like Brofists, the occasional dual-prop Deimos gangs (I know they aren’t that good, I just want to see them, it sounds insane, like 40k Orcs) Heck even a Tier 3 BC fleet couldn’t have been handled this roughly.  At least it woulda been cheaper.

TEST is going to need to step it up.  They need to drag their fleet doctrines into the 2010s, they need to get people into useful ships.  Some stars of the fight:  http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14242865 The Cyno, Neuting, Smartbombing, Tanky, Jamming Scorp.  The random Sniper Orcale:  http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14242242 fun fit for ganking off a gate.  Not too great in a fleet fight.  A Maller:  http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14243146 probably had a blast, but MAN someone talk to that guy.  400mm plate and an ANP son!  An Omen:  http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14243777 Small laser, dual web, frigate AB, Shield rigged armor omen.  With a 1600 on it.  I actually like the EAF wing.  From the video at EN 24 this wasn’t the fight for them, but I like sensor damps against Logis.  Finally just a pile of people in T1 frigs.  Makes it look like TEST outnumbered -A- pretty significantly, but if you count ships that had a good chance at influencing the battle, -A- wouldn’t have refused this fight if 1/3 of their guys disconnected right when TEST jumped in.

Now I’m not saying TEST is bad, I’m not saying they are doomed to lose, they have friends and they’ve won before.  I am saying they need to get their shit together.  The fleet they brought and jumped INTO the -A- fleet was not a modern, capable fleet.  I wonder what PL was thinking about going in side by side with that.

I’m using it every time I can


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  1. As far as I am aware this fleet is essentially a alpha fleet, the idea being that 150+ Rokhs can alpha the target and the railguns higher rate of fire means, in theory, targets will be destroyed quicker when compared to artillery.

    • Maybe, but everyone resists kin and therm well, and the alpha on rails is just pathetic. Even with their numbers they’d have had trouble getting alphas on smaller, maneuvering targets. Again there’s a reason this type of ship just isn’t seen much.

  2. Well they are not used as sniper battleships in the most common sense of that word (hitting targets from 100+ km)but from mid range,where their poor tracking doesnt make a big problem,since they have webbing huginns as a support,and tbh i find it quite funny how you accuse TEST to being outdated while this fleetdoctrine was theorycrafted and started being used by PL like 6 months ago,also while alpha on rails isnt great its still enough to alpha even those “small maneuverable targets” in bigger numbers and in smaller numbers you can easily skip between targets which for example Alpha maels cant do…

    So this fleet is basically alpha mael fleet designed to work in smaller numbers,which it really fullfill

    BTW:if this doctrine is so outdated why it works against so modern,hip and in cowardtengus?

    • And a about those tanky scorps,they are excellent for their role (jamming enemy dps and grabbing and tanking aggro) and those midslots on them are completely utilitary and for self defence against light tackle,i really dont know how you but i dont think that every ship in fleet must be dps….

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