Thanks Mittens!

So I need to blog more often but I’m having trouble coming up with a topic.  Whats this?  The Mittani started a news site?  He included the accusing line “Syndicated blogs tend to be of mixed quality at best, and bias is not just tolerated but celebrated.”  This is a high, flat fastball on a 3-1 count with the bases loaded in a 1-run game.


Pandemic Legion and The Initiative. doesn’t make you balanced.  Susan Black and Mabrick and Pandemic Legion and The Initiative. make you at least look balanced.  There’s parts of EvE that aren’t nullsec.  Also I am looking forward to seeing the kind of articles and the quality of them.  One of the themes I see a lot on modern news shows is taking a “token” representative from an opposing viewpoint dressing him in a cheap, badly matched suit, and throwing him out alone on stage with 2 or 3 folks from the opposing ideology to show that, sure we’re balanced, we have a liberal/conservative/catholic/jewish/vegetarian etc. representative.  He tied his own tie and everything!

Now they can come in and rock the Casbah themselves, and show that there truly isn’t a bias, but I’m in the midwest.  Show me.  Don’t tell me.  If you have to tell me you are Awesome/Cool/Fair and Balanced, guess what; I’m thinkin’ you ain’t.

Finally, I don’t have a problem with having an actual bias, as long as it’s presented and open.  For example I tend to present EvE as Everybody vs. Everybody, which is why I always write it as EvE for the slow folks out there.  I tend to favor smaller entities in my playstyle but write about the larger ones unless I myself do something fairly interesting, or come across something fairly interesting.  I admit to being against the “safe” carebear mindset because I honestly feel it’s bad for EvE and will kill the game as it exists if it’s allowed to run rampant, that doesn’t mean I hate carebears like Mabrick, only their ignorance.  I also don’t pretend to love them, I never claim to be “fair” because if I was interested in “fair” I wouldn’t be playing EvE.


Well I’m usually one or three great lines mired in 800 words of crappy grammar myself.  I’m certainly grateful to have written for both EN24 and the EvE Tribune, and while people are quick to heap scorn on Riverini, I don’t see them putting any effort into doing their own news site until now.  Frankly I think (with the bias of being an occasional writer for EN24) that Riverini should be applauded for making the effort.  Having talked to him quite a few times about his site and other projects he plans, he is quite aware of the shortcomings of EN24, however he’s one guy (2 with Bagehi) and to some extent as the editor he’s the prisoner of his own bias and desires.  Assuming is a Goonswarm project I feel it’s safe to say they have a bit more resources than Riverini to spare on editors, possibly even a producer or two to handle assignments rather than trolling the blogs and hoping Ripard has written something interesting today.

A Fresh Look

As I’ve already hinted, has potentially cast resources at its beck and call.  with a weight and name already established by the work of the bees of the Goons.  They will bring new writers, and more importantly a MUCH wider audience to the EvE blogosphere.  Recently I’ve noticed that the bloggers tend to travel in their own circles and cluster up.  Orakkus left M3 for Fancy Hats, Poetic joined for a while then headed to join other bloggers in Late Night Alliance.  Kadavr Black Guard has a few as I recall as well.  Most people I encountered during Hulkageddon or even while playing, should I mention my blog, respond with “There’s EvE blogs?” or some such.  I recently had an alliance leader in FW ask me “What’s the blog pack?” which completely crushed my ego but, more importantly, also pointed out the EXTREMELY limited penetration of the average EvE blog in the greater scheme of the game.

I predict will change that.  Between the name, the depth of the goonswarm community (added to the twitter and reddit communities) and the followers of the goons, I can hope that at least some people will branch out and realize that no matter how well intended the editors of may (or may not) be, that there are other outlets, and that those other outlets will step up their game when faced with the new sheriff in town.

Riverini and Mittens, approximately never.

And yes ladies and gentlemen, the Sheriff is near.


I’m excited about for a lot of reasons.  I’m nervous about it for a lot of reasons.  I’ve already said Mittens has won the meta-game and I think this is his victory lap even more than being elected to the chair twice in a row.  If becomes the clearinghouse for EvE news then expect the groupthink to become a larger factor.  Expect whatever slant emerges on this site to become more and more the “default” outlook on EvE.  Mittani has long held two faces himself.  He’s attempted to hold a dignified mien to the outside world, showing remorse, and accepting consequences of his actions, as at Mittanigate, then turning RIGHT around and telling his alliance that it was a conspiracy against him and that they should be filled with righteous anger at the injustices perpetrated on their glorious leader.  I wonder which voice we will see on, and how often.

I’m using it every time I can


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  1. I guess his column (Sins of a Solar Spymaster) might give us a good idea of where he wants to go with this new site: looking respectable while trying (a bit or a lot) to spin events to make the goons look good. After all a successful goon always crave one thing in the end: Respectability 🙂
    Which is why I’m cautiously optimistic about the net results of this endeavour for the Eve community.
    +1 for the Blazing Saddles reference 😀

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