I Made My Home

Another Blog Banter, this one a bit ironic as I’ve just moved in real life.

“Some say a man’s home is his castle. For others it is wherever they lay their hat. The concept is just as nebulous in the New Eden sandbox.

In EVE Online, what does the concept of “home” mean to you?”

I’ve been in Fancy Hats for 672 days currently.  Add in 71 days before my brief time in M3, and 144 days after forming the corp and I’ve been in it for a bit under 900 days.  I cannot remember the address of the last place I lived at for more than 670 days in real life.  Fancy Hats has become my home and I can claim to have built it myself.  Not alone mind you, a good corporation needs more than just a megalomaniacal tinpot dictator.  When I log in I have my corp and pub chats (Hat Box, come harass me!) both of which are communities that I have ties to in-game and out.

Home in EvE is people you know.  People you can trust to a comfortable level (sometimes none at all) and a group that does things that keeps you in the game.  Home isn’t a POS, Station, System, or an Empire, it’s a community.  It’s the people and the culture that keeps you logging in and makes EvE fantastic.  Your home helps you weather the storms.  It helps you deal with the reverses, and helps make your own modest successes into tremendous triumphs.

My home is filled with friends, my home motivates me to log on to see what’s going on, to see what I can do with them, for them, and what they can do for me.  I am blessed to have my home and doubly blessed to be able to claim I’ve done so much to build it myself.  I hope your home is as rich, and fulfilling, and as valuable.

I’m using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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