Zombie EvE HQ

In a comment on the post I linked yesterday, Vesspar had this to say:

Just to update everyone…I’ve been talking to someone who is willing (and able) to take over the project, from coding to the website. We’ve discussed the potential major issues and they’re covered. Just need to sort out the finer details now but I’ll keep people informed as it develops.

So it appears that while there will be a changing of the guard at EvE HQ the program will be getting updates and improvements in the future.  This comes as an enormous relief to me because I was fiddling with Evemon and already yelling “DO MORE DAMNIT!”

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Welcome news indeed! I had the same reaction as you yesterday when I fired up EVEMon. I’d also hate to lose Prism and I prefer the fitter in EVE HQ.

  2. Good news indeed!!! Good reminder to donate to the members of the community who put so much effort into creating handy tools like evehq. And, no, I am not affiliated with the, in any way.

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