Low Sec Vision

So Orakkus of 2nd Anomoly on the Left and I were having a chat a couple days ago about what we thought the vision for lowsec should be.  I thought of a couple of things and Orakkus told me to step back and look bigger.  I blurted out “Tribal Lands” and have been thinking about it the whole weekend.

I see lowsec as having benefits that allow corporation or alliance to claim an area and act to either increase mobility and combat options in their home, or to restrict travel.  I want to see the actual mechanics of GCC and gateguns change greatly.  I want to see resources be more difficult to scope out.  This should allow for more interesting PvE and PvP options.  I want to see diminishing returns on resources to encourage a sort of migratory life.  I want to see unique resources that can only be generated in lowsec, and that will be completely built in lowsec, rather like Tech 3 ships.  If they go with boosters then they should make boosters legal everywhere.  I want to see an incentive to move industry to lowsec.  I want to see a way to shift travel routes, smugglers gates, some sort of ghetto, jury rigged jump bridges, something.

Now for some details.

Claiming your home

I want this to be pretty straightforward.  Claiming a bunker requires simply dropping a cheaper version of a TCU, contesting it requires just hitting it with only 1 timer involved.  The money involved wont be too much, and even a small cap fleet or a decent sized gang (50-60 BCs) can expect to kill a TCU much faster than, say, a large POS with hardeners.  In return you get control over the gate guns.  You can’t make them back you impartially but you can turn them off or on.  If you turn them off you can go flashy on the gate without the guns shooting, but turning them back on will take a while.  This will allow a whoever holds the system to set the conditions for gate or station fights whenever they take the time to hold a system.

GCC and Gate Guns

GCC should go in lowsec.  There is very little in the game as boring as waiting out a 15 minute timer because you don’t want to be the guy with gate gun aggro from the start of the next fight.  From now on, while you still receive a sec status hit for aggression you don’t go flashy red.  If there is an entity (gate guns, station guns, whatever) to witness the act you get a timer with them.  5 minutes, not 15.  Other entities will not agress you if they didn’t witness the actual act.  No more of this “everyone hates you for 15 minutes then no one cares” bullshit.

Gate guns will be moved closer in to the gate.  50-60 kilometers sounds about right.  They will track like battleship guns and hit like battleship guns.  No more blapping inties.  Let small ships have a role in lowsec outside of FW.

PvE and PvP options

First I am getting rid of asteroid belts.  No more beacons in the “wild, unpoliced” areas of lowsec.  You want to do something?  Go find it.  Some sites will be detectable with your ship scanner.  Some will need to be actually scanned down.  I hope CCP would put in the time to come up with a wider variety of sites for people to run.  Also this could be a “fun” change to nullsec down the road.  Very few of these sites will have accel gates so people can scan down ships and warp right to them.

Diminishing Returns

No more mining a moon forever to reap the bounties.  No more AFK incomes for people who do nothing but run fuel to and products from, a huge tower in space.  Any “passive” resource diminishes rapidly.  All resources will deplete over time.  If you farm the sites in a system or constellation they will start to spawn less frequently.  Not to the point of a system just being dead like a tapped-out wormhole but definitely low enough to make moving on a serious consideration.

Unique Resources

Tech 3 modules?  Better boosters?  (if so make them usable everywhere) Something where the entire chain from the raw materials, through the processed materials, through the final production is only doable in lowsec.  Nowhere else.  Period.

Industrial Incentives

I came up with an interesting idea here.  Make serial runs off a BPC more efficient.  Building 1 of something, you pay the price on the tag.  Building two?  Second one is built at a 1% discount.  Building 3?  Third one is at a 1.5%.  Topping out at 10% for the 20th and subsequent builds.  Now people will really want to build things in lowsec.  Especially big things that will need freighters and JFs to move around, while still letting the little guy moving a blockade runner through a covops cyno play the game.  This would allow a clever industrialist to really maximize his rate of return by producing more efficiently than any highsec station slot ever could.

Shifting Roads

Let alliances build smuggler gates.  Unstable jump gates that can link systems far away for brief periods of time at a high cost in fuel.  Imagine being able to set up gates a dozen light years apart, drop in fuel and skip a normal freighter a LONG way, albeit at enough cost to move a carrier 3x that far, and having to defend the gates while they online… but setting up your own trade routes, and selling access to them, could be a very lucrative road for the non titan-holding alliances to travel.

Wrapping up

Make lowsec unique.  Encourage movement.  Encourage fighting.  Allow both to happen without crazy arbitrary restrictions based on outdated systems.  Make it desirable for some people.  Create challenges for players to overcome.  We are good enough to overcome them.

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. There’s an easier way to make low sec more industrial friendly. Gate/stations guns need to be a lot more powerful than they already are. As it stands there’s far too much faggotry going on at these locales.

    I like your thoughts, for the most part.

  2. Quite good ideas – if not in detail, then in spirit.

    One random thought I had while reading ‘Claiming your home’: why not make the ownership of a system dependent on the number of kills your corp/alliance got over the last 7/14/30 days? Nobody likes structure shoots anyway, and if lo-sec is going to be ‘fight club’, it would make sense that the spoils go to the one with the most kills. And a neat side effect would be that you’d have to defend your control every single day – instead of just keeping a number of structure defense ships on standby in a hangar.

  3. Generally, sounds good. The “sov lite” bullshit though? No. And no to player-control of gate/station guns, supposedly those belong to CONCORD and whatever entity owns the station, there’s no reason they’d let random eggers control them. Rather, there should just be anchorable guns period, kinda like the diff between a dictor bubble and an anchorable bubble, but sentry drone vs anchorable gun which can be set to shoot based on standings, etc… just a flash thought that occurred.
    But really, if you want sov and the bullshit that attends it, go to null. I believe you’ve even made that argument yourself a few times.

    I REALLY like the idea of player-constructible (and conversely, DEstructible) stargates, though people are going to hurf-blurf that because :jumpbridges: (however, unlike the JB a player-constructed stargate should be usable by anyone who can scan it down — sword cuts both ways).

    Also absolutely agree that lowsec should have something _unique_ that you can’t find in hi or nullsec. It needs its own “separate” identity, not just become “nullsec lite”. :-/ Sadly that seems like the direction CCP is moving in, and I think it’s the wrong one, speaking as a former lowsec dweller and sov-null member who still occasionally hangs out in low. 😉

  4. Lowsec as nullsec lite has been considered before. Some of the ideas were considered in Mynxees Making Nullsec Matter forum a few years back. A common concern among lowsec denizens was that this would make lowsec too attractive to nullsec organizations. What will be the reaction of lowsec’s current residents when nullsec alliances extend their hegemony to lowsec?

    • I’ve started with the idea of diminishing returns to keep it from being so attractive that null rushes in. If lowsec is to ever matter at all, is to ever have a place in the game other than “That space we have to go into to drop off stuff to jump to null” or “Flyover territory” then it has to have something unique and valuable. You can’t have it both ways. It can’t be made better and NOT be valuable. Do you want the space to be worthless? Fine, don’t expect many people. Do you want it to be worthwhile? People will come and you can’t control who.

      I’m not suggesting that it be worth MORE than nullsec. I want it to be valuable in different ways.

      • Well yes, it SHOULD be valuable, and unique….and NOT in the sense of “sov lite” where a nullsec bloc can, as Mord mentioned, just roll in and set up sov and roflstomp anyone else looking to “horn in” on their territory.

        Then again, I’m in favor of deleting the current version of :sov: and going to something much more like Jester’s commonly-mentioned “sov by occupancy”.

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