Attack Cruisers – ATTACK!

So CCP Fozzie just threw down another post on ships.  (Here) where he lays out the changes to the new “Attack” cruisers.

All of them get a huge speed boost.  Nearly 50m/s on average.  Not 5.  50.

Most get new fitting abilities going from generous (Omen) to meh (Stabber, Thorax) however there’s also a general reduction in fitting requirements for weapons.  This mean you can fit an Omen without 2 RCUs or something equally ludicrous.

Frigates are going to have a rough go of it with the Caracal pretty much turning into the heavy machine gun against the frigates unsupported infantry.  A related post (here) on the missile rebalance shows that T2 penalties are going away and Tracking Disruptors / Computers / Enhancers will now effect missile launchers.  I may have to give up my contempt for missile boats someday!

The Thorax looks like it will end up being used mostly as a ganky shield boat, as it seems to lack the fitting to do anything with a good buffer tank and blasters.  Shields on the other hand seem to slide right into it’s new slot layout, even with the loss of a big number of shield hitpoints.

The Caracal, as I mentioned gets turned into a frigate hunting menace with more damage mods, I mean low slots, a range and ROF bonus.  It actually looks a bit evil now.

The Stabber can now kite damn near anything, with a nearly 300m/s base speed and most likely will see lots of arty fits for zoom and boom gunning.

The Omen might be my new favorite.  I admit I’m a huge fan of laser boats, but MAN does this beast look sexy, enough speed to dictate range against most foes, very generous fittings and with the reduced fitting impact of lasers, especially beam lasers, makes this an interesting boat to fit armor or shield for long range ops.

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. Since Heavy Missiles are getting range and damage reduction, I think you won’t have to give up your contempt for missile boats yet.
    On a more serious note, it looks like CCP is once again taking the nerf hammer to what is seen as a problem, in this case big drake fleets.

  2. I don’t think it’s crazy to say that Drake fleets were overpowered. The fact that they’re the only large-scale fleet BC that can go toe to toe with just about anything says a lot.

    And while Heavy Missiles might have been nerfed, light missiles (like those you’ll likely fit on a Caracal) got a pretty significant buff.

    Caracal and Omen, I will definitely be flying those post-patch.

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