Fine I’ll Write About the Money

But mostly the Meta.

So apparently CCP has decided to get into E-Sports tournaments.  Funnily enough I think EvE is kind of the original E-Sport tournament, at least for people who ignore the EULA.  That’s a different story however.

E-Sports are big.  MOBAs like League of Legends (which I suck at) pump millions into tournaments.  I’m not kidding.  Millions.  Teams are rigid, rigorous, and have strategies planned down the the second.  None of this “Garmon’s passed out at the keyboard, who’s ready to jump in?” nonsense.  CCP is starting with a modest $10k pot.  However they are emphasizing the “sport” and ignoring the “game” that it comes from.  Sure the Alliance Tournament produces some memorable moments.  However the meta-moments are the best ones.  AT IXs, final was hilarious and as EvE Online a moment as you could get.  How about the famous AT IV match where BoB had the counter to their setup gamed out by their opposition and losing to Star Fraction.

Then CCP did the suddenly popular “Double Down” not only are they going to ban anyone attempting to meta-game this tournament, they will go after all their alts (mains) as well per THIS post from Sreegs.  This pretty much means any involvement in the tournament exposes potentially ALL your EvE assets to banning.  Never mind that what exactly constitutes meta-gaming isn’t exactly covered in the Dev Blog, you’ll know it when you do it.  Or at least when you get banned for doing it.

CCP doesn’t even have the excuse that it’s the sponsor’s money so they want transparency.  They apparently want this to be completely above-board to show it off to bring more people in.  Fine.  Here’s the problem.  Someone who comes in thinking EvE is all neat with two teams neatly divided by a line is not gonna like what he finds.  Spais are EVERYWHERE in this game.  I assume them in every fleet that involves more than 1 person who’s IRL address I do not know.  To put in this steam-cleaned, sanitized tournament as an example of EvE to the outside world is disingenuous.  EvE does not have neat dividing lines.  There’s always potential to metagame, to play the system more than the game, and to win by doing so.  The e-sports tournament puts the tournament before the game.  That’s a decision CCP is certainly allowed to make, but it doesn’t make it a good decision.  CCP claimed shame at the AT IX results.  I think they should have done what they always did.  Laughed it off over a beer.  Congratulated themselves on, once again, having the only game where that would EVER happen.

Spying happens.  Ask The Mittani.  Metagaming happens.  Ask… shit ask anyone.  Denying these facts, these tools, upon which EvE is built in what will soon be a very public facet of EvE is just silly.  Having such stark punishments under such vague rules?  The first time someone huge gets mega-banned get ready for ALL the major players to step back and stop involving themselves.  I sure as hell wouldn’t put Corelin at risk in this format, which means not having any of my alts involved either.  Punishments are too high, rules too vague, and even the benefits are iffy.  Unless you have the PL or Hydra train taking you to the top you are just showin’ yer ass for a chance to get banned if some chain of inferences means you might have metagamed.  Like if I blogged the wrong thing.  Or maybe the thought police caught a whiff of something.  I love Big Brother.

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. sounds like the “prisoner’s dilemma”

  2. Do you think cutting the enemy logi power cord irl would be okay? 🙂

  3. Two comments: at first you (implicitly) told that you don’t expect spies in fleets where you know the IRL address of people. Your carelessness will cost you dear!

    The more serious one: I don’t think they WANT any “major players” show up. They want to open a new front for different playerbase. Just like mining Veldspar in 1.0 is not meant for The Mittani and co, but for other people, the tournaments are meant for another audience. You might don’t want them in your game any more than AFK miners, but it’s actually not your game but CCPs.

    • People who’s address I have know that I have a good enough PTSD diagnosis to probably get away with murder. Once.

      If CCP wanted to open a new front they wouldn’t do it with a hugely publicized (for them) real money tournament. That’s like saying the Bowl Championship Series new format will make the highest purse Bowl on national television on New Years Day end up being Cumberland College vs. Middle Tennessee State. You want your best when you are putting on a show.

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