I’d Nuke my ISP

But they are practically next door so I think it would cause far more problems than it would solve.  Alternately it would solve ALL of my problems.  Permanently.

Anyway.  I finally got my net up long enough to run a mission or three.  I first tooled around in wormholes in a Proteus, then realized how rusty and sloppy I was and got OUT of the 400 million isk pod in a 900 million isk ship in 0.0 sec space and headed to “safer” territory.  Setting up a Paladin was a matter of a couple of minutes, and the new market makes picking out faction fittings pretty simple.  Oh and that’s FACTION not DEADSPACE in case you were planning on ganking me.  I have no problem putting some shinies on a billion isk ship.  I will not turn it into an isk pinata.  I plan on learning how to play again then heading back to places where 0.0 never goes away for weeks.  and lose some isk doing stupid shit.

The new UI is interesting.  I’ve noticed the “LOCKED” keeps flashing forever.  I don’t like that.  I do like that I can see who is hitting me and how hard, and targeting rats that happen to be using some form of EWAR is easy, which I like even more.  I like to think that CCP is getting up on the curve they’ve been behind on with regards to the UI providing information.

The new CCP seems to be very good at solving the little things but missing the big things.  There doesn’t seem to be a “Vision” for EvE, let alone a plan to get there.  The mission statement for CCP Games could very well be “We’ll muddle through” mixed in with a dash of “OOOOOOOH shiny!” for spice.  Look at the Dev Blogs.  Chartsville, Dev roam, General Tso’s EvE, MOMA announcement, UI fix, hangar fix, Dev video, Wardec fix, EON modernization, Drone Region fix, UI change (which I hate, which was coincidentally penned by Greyscale…) BOUNTIES!  YES!  SOMETHING THAT INCREASES RISK IN THE GAME FOR THOSE BEING JERKS, and yes I’m aware that I’m quite likely to be a victim of the bounty system later, and I think that that is AWESOME.  UI fix, UI Fix, ship balancing, Sound updates, Community Spotlight, New Eden Open.

So… what’s the goal of EvE for the next while.  Where does CCP see the meta moving in the next 3, 6, and 12 months.  What is the “horizon” for Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec, NPC Nullsec, and Wormhole Space, where are they moving towards for the foreseeable future.  I certainly don’t have an answer going back who knows how far.  The closest we see is the Halftime review of Retribution, written on 30 October, which gave a look at what Retribution would be, but it really just shines a spotlight on the problem.  CCP isn’t steering a warship across a stormy ocean with a firm hand and rock-solid nerves, they are floating an inner tube down a river and hoping like hell that there aren’t any jagged rocks waiting for them.

See this? This is the clearest stretch for the next 2 years.

EvE is an amazing game, and they have amazing people working for them.  Hell even the much maligned Greyscale is clearly an intelligent guy, he just doesn’t seem to get EvE.  Saturday I’m going to go over WHY CCP doesn’t seem to get EvE, and what they can do to help themselves.

Oh and for those wondering about Warmachine, Deneghra + Nightmare + Prey + a well positioned Arc Node + Satyxis Raiders = a turn 3 assasination that should NEVER have worked in a million years.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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