Spear Carrier

So I’ve headed out to Nullsec carrying not my own flag, but someone else’s spear.  The mantle of leadership has passed on and I can simply watch my lane, do my thing and be accountable for no one but myself.  This isn’t my first time heading to nullsec fortunately.  Last time it was with the gents in Sons of 0din.  An entertaining bunch of misfits under the rather energizing leadership of Rico Minali.  The first time I went to Null it was as a spear chukker as well.  Back then my spears were humble and simple.


Left to Right: Snipe Mega, Travel-Only Archon, Snipe Rokh, Drake, Ratting Drake

This time I am bringing a rather fancier set with me.  MUCH fancier.  Also: this time I come bearing the Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers, which is a part of GET OFF MY LAWN alliance, which is a part of CFC.  I’m planning on going on frequent roams as well as requested ops.  Do need to move a lot of metal into the home region of course, which is always the hardest part of getting started.  While the “newbros” are certainly a welcoming bunch, there has already been plenty of fodder for me to nitpick over as a feminist and generally abrasive asshole.

I’m ENJOYING the game again.  Whether I’m fiddling with PI, assembling and shuttling ships around, or going on a random cruiser roam the game seems fresh and fun.  This is not something I’ve said a lot lately.  There’s a camaraderie here, a sense of purpose, and a sense of achievement in the folks.  For all its’ faults, CFC sits at the pinnacle of EvE right now, and they didn’t get there by accident.  There’s plenty who will decry what they are and what they do, but this isn’t the old NC, there are carebears, and the standings don’t allow for a lot of challengers, then again the best way to win a war is before it starts, and the Goonswarm leadership team certainly ascribes to that theory.  I like a good fight as much as the next guy, but good battles are one thing, good wars should be more like “Steamroller, meet Dandelion.  Dandelion, meet TWELVE TONS OF SMOKE BELCHING DEATH!!!!”  Otherwise you have’t done your planning very well.

I am looking forward to the challenges in my future, integrating with the CFC Culture, working my playing schedule with that of a large alliance in an enormous faction, and learning when to constructively hold my tongue, and when to challenge the status quo socially.  It should be fun, and it sure as hell will be interesting.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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