Plow, then Plant

So CCP has been slowly preparing to expand EvEs population base.  New graphics on the noob ships, vastly improved tutorials, a cornucopia of usable ships in the Frigate, Destroyer, and Cruiser classes, the fields are well prepared for a new crop of players.  What will be interesting will be where CCP goes to find new players to plant the fields.

CCP has long been banking on Dust 514 to bring in a flow of players, but with Planetside 2 being an astounding success, and Dust having a lesser lineage to most of the gaming crowd, as well as being only on the PS3, I have to wonder how well Dust will catch on.  I do think that some players will join the EvE universe, both as Dusties and crossing over to become capsuleers.  Recently CCP crossed over into E-Sports with their rather uninspired tournament.  This may have generated some interest in EvE, but it seems that it generated the ever present confusion that people unfamiliar with the game get while watching EvE as well.

So what can CCP do to “Sell” EvE?  Start with more trailers.  The bass dropping, careening ships with pewing lasers is exciting, but not always true to EvE.  I would like a series to follow the Causality trailer in more detail, and perhaps slightly less grim.  Follow the development of a player, from the early days zooming around in frigates, to standing in a battle line with battleships trading heavy blows, or mining in a Venture while working up towards a Mack (or a Hulk if you are old fashioned)

The goal is to show that EvE has three things to it:

  1. Natural progressions, every ship type, every ship role, every weapon type, and every module has superior and inferior versions.  
  2. The opportunity to excel.  EvE will put you in positions where you can succeed and fail, success brings rewards, failure brings penalties.
  3. Eventually you can overcome nearly anything.  EvE rewards patience, planning, and persistence.  You set a goal, you figure out a realistic plan for doing it, and you carry out that plan and you can topple empires.  Ask Band of Brothers.

Show the scope and scale of the game, link to the other trailers (Dominion especially) but show that humble beginnings are part of the game, that a wallet under 100 million isn’t a handicap, and reach out to players, talk about real EvE Corps and players, whether it’s EvE University and Chribba or Goonswarm and Helicity Boson.  Show people that there’s a REAL mark to be made, that someday YOU might be the guy in the videos.  Show the CSM, show that there’s a LOT in this game, but that it’s ok, because there’s people out there to help.

Whatever you do, don’t do this again.  EVER.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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