Predictions for 2013

You Must Be Joking!

  • CCP Introduces new capitols at the end of the year, featuring a ranged AoE weapon.  
  • CCP Actually nerfs Tech in a way that no sane person can debate.
  • CVA joins CFC
  • CCP Institutes the SAB, replacing the outdated CSM.

Off the Wall, but Possible

  • PL Tires of the swarms of blues, and starts a third coalition.  Eastasia, which immediately declares war on Oceania and Eurasia… I mean CFC and HBC
  • A series of minor buffs to Incursions resurrects the community, eventually resulting in a CSM Seat going to a purely highsec coalition for the first time.
  • CCP develops real reasons to be in lowsec for the long-term, but just quick jaunts to blow things up.

A Fair Bet

  • A third Coalition forms in the East that, while not in the same class as CFC or HBC, provides a shield against them.  
  • One of the two current coalitions suffers a massive loss of numbers, source could be drama, a split, plain old EvE Ennui, but most likely drama.
  • “Tiericide” makes it all the way to Frigate T2 hulls, which forces CCP to call it something else….
  • The first look at “The POS of the future” makes it to the light of day

Random The Mittani predictions

  • starts selling T-Shirts
  • The Mittani himself averages less than an hour a week logged into EvE
  • Goonswarm has multiple new “faces” emerge to test the waters to see who the next glorious leader will be

Put Your Money On It

  • Jesus features come back, just in time for a big Fanfest announcement
  • DUST 514 is Dead On Arrival.  Too much competition, too little draw, and too limited a release.
  • CCP Does Something About Tech that doesn’t actually do much to upset the balance of power Tech built.
  • CCP makes another advertising push after redoing the Advanced Tutorial agents, having created a great confluence of good ships, good intro, and a community that can support new players, combined with a flashy Trailer announcing the next Jesus Feature

Put Your Money On It, Borrow More and Put That Money On It

  • Hulkageddon will be back, gankers will innovate to find ways to make more kills, miners will whine to the devs, refuse to innovate, refuse to take responsibility for protecting themselves, and be stunned when their petitions are denied
  • No actual Jesus Feature is released in 2013
  • No truly major war occurs in the first half of 2013, but by the end of the year the map looks VERY different.
I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can


About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. “The Mittani himself averages less than an hour a week logged into EvE”

    You mean, more than his current 3m27s average? 😉

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