Get Outta Your Head Rook

Implants.  Now that I’m back in Nullsec I need to think about implants a LOT more.  I have a grand total of 1 +3 clone, and several are filled with +4 learning and +3/+4% hardwirings.  I even have a low-grade slave clone for my Archon.  None of these are particularly suitable for nullsec though.  Bubbles make it a lot harder to save a pod, and sometimes you end up so far from safe harbor that you need to pod yourself to get home safe.

My first thought is:  I’m gonna need more clones.  Sadly my medical clones are 30 million a piece right now.  I’m pushing 100 million SP and it starts to hurt when you get blasted at that point.  Adding +3s doubles the price of the clone with decent hardwirings, adding +4s can make you feel like a real asshat when you lose a 200 mill pod + clone.  One suggestion that had me slapping my forehead was “Have a clone for the skills you are training.  Just 2 +4s, and any hardwirings you feel like.  Much more efficient than a head full of +3s.  Finish your skill?  Hop to a new clone!  Be efficient and don’t have a bunch of implants you don’t need in (unless you are really good at avoiding pod death in which case go for it)

One of the best ways of making isk is not losing it stupidly.  Extra implants are really stupid.  When’s the last time you used Charisma?  Even Intelligence or Memory is much rarer than Perception/Will at this point of the game for me.  Planning and preparing for your losses will help you a lot in minimizing the isk you waste, and making the most of the isk you make.  Which of course leaves you more money for lots of ships, guns, and skillbooks.

Fly Dangerous, Score Kills.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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